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24-11-2010, 20:02
i visted this venue last saturday and had a great day on the pole.

this venue consists of 2 lakes 1 of around an acre and the other about an acre and half more suited to the pleasure/match angler.

the smallest of the lakes is rammed with fish so much so the EA has told the owner to either take some fish out or extend the pool which was done earlier this year. its mainly carp carp and more carp in this pool with the odd carp in there too boot :lol: there are literally hundreds of carp in there as well as tench raoch and rudd. the pool is around 4ft at its deepest with 1 small island around half way down very easy water to catch from average size of the carp 4-6lb.

the bigger of the pools is not as rammed but still plenty of fish to go at. there is a large island in the center of the pool which can be cast to from almost any peg. in this pool there are carp, tench, roach, rudd and a few ghosties. also the carp in here run into double figures i had 1 last year on the waggler of 12lb common. this pool also is deeper making it a little more challenging in the winter but a mild day can still be very easy on there even had fish off the top in the winter.

anyway back to last week:

from the first put in i caught carp then after an hr or 2 it went quiet but the air tempreture dropped so i think that had alot to do with the quiet spell. once the afternoon came along i was catching a fish a chuck almost all carp except for 2 small tench which i was amazed by with the cold weather.

i was fishing at 10mtrs using pellet corn and maggots and caught on them all :D

overall it was a cold day but great fun this venue i only fish in the winter as the summer months gets rammed on there. but on a cold winter's day it was a ball. i will be going back in 2wks time for some more fun :D :D ;)

24-11-2010, 23:01
Well in Steve :cool: and glad you enjoyed :tu:


24-11-2010, 23:03
well done steve a good days dangling by the sounds of it :clap: :cool:

25-11-2010, 19:39
cheers fellas i will be going back next i will take some pics if i remember my camera that is :lol: :oops: ;)