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25-11-2010, 18:02
Around lakes and in mag articles you often see anglers saying 'I fish using slack lines', with a picture of a bobbin or there indicator setup lay on the ground attached to the line, but I wondered why anglers would do this. The thought process behind using bobbins was not only to detect bites but also to detect drop backs. If the line is already slack then how could you tell if there was a drop back bite? Also if there is so much slack line, surely the take would register later, meaning you could miss a take more easily?

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27-11-2010, 00:38

I think this has been answered on the tC forum, but I'm not sure I agree with them re chod rigs....

If you think about it with a running lead, a back, front or sideways take will always register as a pull, provided the line slides through the lead ok e.g. not covered/clogged with weed. However I cannot see how that applies to chods where the lead is at the end of the rig, paternoster style :conf:


27-11-2010, 13:47
The only time I have seen an effective drop back indication with this set up was when the angler used a long, quite heavy, bobbin, where only the extreme bottom end of it was touching the ground.
The fish came away from the far margin on the take, and the bobbin then lay flat, sounding the alarm a bleep or two as it did so. However within seconds the bobbin was up at the rod (running lead rig), so I suspect it would have done so anyway.
Personally I prefer the old "swinger" style bite indicator rather than a bobbin anyway, as I dont like the way bobbins perform in the wind.

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27-11-2010, 13:55
all for looks i think cc :cool: