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16-07-2011, 19:48
Tackle choices vary massively among anglers, and itís only after doing some actual fishing that the beginner will gain some knowledge of what kit he or she needs and a preference for the tackle he or she likes.

When starting out, you rely heavily to an extent on local tackle shops, other anglers, the press, and other guides such as this.
My advice is to tread steadily when buying your first major piece of angling kit such as rods and reels. Take the advice of tackle shop owners and experienced anglers etc, and buy to your budget. You do need to buy fishing kit that will give you a chance of getting to know this great sport, but not necessarily overly expensive or state of the art tackle. But do look for fairly good quality, because poor tackle will put you at a big disadvantage and any lack of success will effect your confidence and enthusiasm. Upgrading your kit later on is less of a problem because of the experience you will of gained along with improved skill levels. As a general rule, the more you pay for tackle the better quality kit you buy, however, there are plenty of tackle bargains around, but itís wise to stay away from really cheap because the cheapest combination outfits (rod and reel) are produced for the casual angler market and not for long term hard use.

A massive consideration when choosing your kit is the service you receive after the sale, so look for a reputable brand rather than a supermarket cheapy. The environment you will encounter on the bank can be rough in places, and apart from corrosion and the general wear and tear on tackle, accidents are always waiting and going to happen. Dropping your rods or reels on stones or a concrete bankside and things will break, so apart from general toughness and durability of the gear you chose itís a good idea to ensure that you the brand you have chosen can provide you with the necessary after sales service, this is especially the case with reels.

Feel free to add to this folks! :cool:

21-07-2011, 11:54
Best tip i was told when buying my first rod and reel for carping.



30-07-2011, 11:22
First rod and reel i bought was from argos yeah will say no more but stay away the reel seized up after a couple of use's and the rod tip cracked when casting.
I'd also add if new dont buy rods and reels off ebay unless you know how the gear is gonna feel to use go to local tackle shop and get them to point you in right direction.

11-08-2011, 22:25
Best tip i was told when buying my first rod and reel for carping.


Argos use to sell good carp rods i have had 5 all bought in 2006. when i first starting fishing.
only one was made in carbon a leeda 3 piece 12ft 2.5lbs I actually still use this one even today
its battered its chipped and the tip of it broke off (one inch) yet i reglued it on and hey presto it works.
so one i still use everytime i fish . thats about 70 times a year. I would say i am very heavy on rods and reels
to almost the extreme. (this year i have broken 2 rods and 2 baitrunners) Yet what i do to the leeda it still does me proud !
The argos solid glassfibre ones i got at the same time (four) i gave away in 2009. And strangely my second best fish was on one of these
22lbs common. i had 4 carp bigpits reels (non baitrunners) £8 which i bought from decathlon in 2007 these too i gave away..
since then i bought 4 £10 carbon rods in 2008 at a show ! they now been sold off . (brentwood carp fair) I reckon there are some great bargains to be made at these shows.

18-08-2011, 16:48
I found brand names are always going to be better than unknown named gear.

I bought Abu Garcia reels pair for £35, mechanicly excellent , cosmetics let them down but you dont buy them for looks do you, the rods where no name £30 for 2 from ebay, gone soft now after 3 years, but adequate to get a grounding in carping

bait and end tackle is best not to scrimp on

good hooks and rigs with good bait is well worth the money

well thats my 2 peneth


02-09-2011, 23:49
i have been known to buy rods from adverts through either this forum or from other forums (strangely not from ebay i wonder why?)
i have bought 4 hyperloops and 2 diawa emblems and 4 cheap rods that way in the recent 3 years.
reels i tend to buy new or mainly on ebay think the total from ebay is seven baitrunners(diawas mainly)
most peps i have bought from have either just upgraded or found a new hobby (women or golf (is there differnece ?)
I doubt i be buying that much next year. but i have a list.
Bait boat (maybe)
2 and a 3 rod holdal (includeing built up rods).
decent shelter (not a bivvy)
TF gear 2/3 rodpod. maybe two of these !to replace the nash powerpod and my stainless steel 3 rod pods
2 quivertip rods 11ft or 12ft (i may get them via forums)
1000 metres of flurocarbon "Ultima"
motorcycle trailer (if i decide not to buy a car in 2012)
numerous gear fro night fishing ie stove etc etc.
some new camo desert clothing to replace current gear and green camo suit. look at TF gears stuff