View Full Version : which bait boat

17-07-2011, 22:52
next year i will be looking at buying a bait boat.
under 400 if possible can go to 500 ? must be a smaller one for carrying purposes (if pos) need only 1kg of bait no more not bothered whether jet or propeller but must have spare batteries or a solar panel.
what does the forum advise ????
offcourse i rather pay 300 but!

17-07-2011, 22:54
BSA Lakestar off eBay for about that money.

17-07-2011, 23:24
thanks spike for the info i prob get one in april when i get my money from pension 10 trillion pounds .
on a more serious side of things ! i am probably the worlds worse for casting out! Being not able to cast overhead and only able to cast from the left to right or from flicking the line out ! have found it a little difficult to get accurate casts !
Yet i can cast out with big leads "sea fishing" with a multiplyer reel. the bait runner seems to defeat me. thats why i want a bait boat . and also my club allows them ..
i am not the only one who has problems with casting.

17-07-2011, 23:43
Or a BSA pocket rocket brand new with a full manufacturers warranty :tu:

Had one of these boats and there an awesome tool used correctly and in the right situations.