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21-07-2011, 23:09
its strange to think in this world security is paramount these days. with electronic locks and barbed wire fences. Yet some fishing clubs use what one can say is a flawed security !
I wont say what club this is but i am shure they know who they are.
they are a big club in fact one of the biggest clubs in the uk yet they still use a system of keys to every member the problem with is this.
the key has not been changed for years (why)
there are hundreds of ex members out there still with the key(why).
tumble locks are cheaper to use as no keys is needed and the lock numbers can be changed every 6 months.
its obvious to me that there outdated system should change yet over many years they refuse to deal with any questiuons as to why they use a key system for there thousands of members . I could understand if it was a small club with less than 200 members but a club with 20 times that much should have a more modern and safe system of security.
i gather they had a serious fire on one of there venues caused by alledged members of another club / illegal key holder. there had been some rows internally from the members of the other club about loseing there venues.. this had nothing to do with them it was just they got embroiled into it.
in there support i doubt any security system would have stopped them !
I for one could not understand why the club didnot change the key every year . ahh it was a matter of cost. yet a tumble lock in all there venues would have saved them money. so why ? use a outmoded key system .
. mind you that key does look very attractive in my key fob.

24-07-2011, 12:12
Im a member of a local angling club (Only because they have a couple of carp waters on there book) all of there venues have a gate that is padlocked and only members have a key for the gates. It is a very large club (Not sure of numbers but has members all over yorkshire) and they change there keys every year so everytime you renew you book you get a new key and hand in your old key.

I can understand what your saying about having tumbler locks instead of having padlock and keys and yeah it is a good idea to keep changing the combination or changing the key for the locks but i suspect that the reason they don't change the key is down to the time needed notifying all of it's members of any changes oh and costs for the new locks / keys. I don't know the in's and out's of cost's put on a angling club for there waters but i suspect they won't be making huge profits on the revenue they get from membership fee's. I know this is no excuse but it's the way some clubs are run. There are better and there are worse clubs out there but at the end of the day it is all about the security of the venue and if the people who run the club / venue are happy with what they have in place they will never change it.

24-07-2011, 16:02
for years we used to use a key lock system then around 5 years ago we switched to combination style locks. now none of the locks we purchased over the years were chap by any standard but for some reason the combination locks barely lasted a season they would start seazing up and also they were more prone to getting knicked once club members had passed on the numbers to friends to pop down for a brew and local idiots kept knicking them.

so we now gone back to the key system so far we havent had any go missing or seaze up. but what we now do is put a sensible sub on the key so if the anglers leave the club they are more inclined to hand it back in due to the sub money on the key would be missed i.e 20-30.

05-08-2011, 23:44
I been a member of 5 clubs and one syndicate. of those two had keys the rest had tumbler locks.
Yes a good key system with security locks and keys would be the best system of all . That means buying the very best ingersol locks and keys.
this means that no club would be able to afford the keys used as they can only be got from direct from ingersol. I have used these locks and keys in my job
we did get a quote from them and it was around 20 per key and the locks well yu dont want to here how much they was (but i would guess well over 200). There is a problem of haveing ingersol they have to approve the locksmith who fits them . There are similar makes ie chubb who do the same type of lock !
That is the perfect system ! A great system of tumblers would come around the 60 +region and are guarnteed to up to 5 years, but they
are insured and it they break they are replaced for free. Yes they are more expensive but yu do get the insurance on them. Offcourse if a club bought ie 30 of these they would get a small discount.
A higher initial outlay but are far more secure than have 200 ex members with keys they should not have. and the club not bothering to replace those keys for at least 3 years.
In the longterm cheap locks and even cheaper keys are complete crap and no one even for a shed should use them. And for a leased or owned lake worth tens if not hundrfeds of thousands of pounds, to me seems crazy to fit them. You might as well not have any locks at all. With a sign saying "help yourself".
My own club has barbed wire around the entrances and the gates are 8 feet high... and the owner of the land has got electric fences fitted (against cows comeing in) and two types of locked gates and a third gate.
I gather the gates are there because we have a shared entrance. Its strange that we dont have any illegal anglers there (i wonder why) I would not recommend clubs to have a shared entrance ( can leave to problems about rights of way)