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25-07-2011, 21:23
Hi all,

I have just joined the forum and I have a lake in the Haute Vienne region of France called Etang de Planchon.

Craftycarper has kindly let me post my catch reports, so here they are starting from last week.. (Week 18)

Catch Report

Week 18 saw the arrival of a group of 4 lads Clinton, Chris, Lee & Jack) from Stockton-on-Tees, and 1 guy (Mark Short) from Dover.

Mark Short is fishing days only for 2 weeks so I will report on how he did next week.

The weather up till Sunday, had been fair, sunny spells and a few showers, however when Clintonís group arrived the weather turned to showers, showers & more showers. The sun did pop its head out now and then but for the most part of the week it rained, quite heavily most days and most nights.

This is what the group had to endure:


This did not deter the lads from the fishing, although they had packed for a sunnier week, they were supplied with extra towels and also a few jumpers were lent out.

I did have to take Chris to Decathlon (a sports shop) for a few bits as he had no waterproof clothing at all and in the weather that they had last week, it didnít take him long to run out of dry clothes.

Now I donít know if it was the weather making them boisterous or the fish just getting their revenge for having been caught, but even after the guys played the fish for a while to tire them out, most of them were very lively on the bank.
Chris got soaked more than once and Lee got slapped in the face, not by a local girl, but by the fishís tails. They were very camera shy this week and did not want to play ball.

Jack spent a bit of his time at the house, playing with the dogs. One of the times he had asked Lee & Clinton to watch his rods. % minutes after being at the house his rods went screaming and it looked like Lee was ignoring the run. After Jack got to his swim in record time, he noticed Clinton tucked behind a bush pulling at his line. Letís just say I have never seen a 16 year old run so fast.

How they fished:

Clinton fished hair rigged boilies over a small bed of boilies & Pellet. Most of his catches were on cell dumbells or Trigga and pink pepper pop-ups. Clinton also missed 3 runs and had 4 fish shake the hook near the net.
He landed 16 Fish over the week totalling 384 lb 4 oz, his biggest for the week was 30 lb 2 oz.
These were Clintís catches: 2 x 18lb, 20.6lb, 21.4lb, 21.8lb, 22lb, 23lb, 23.6lb, 23.10lb, 24lb, 25.8lb, 27lb, 28.4lb, 28.6lb, 29.14lb & 30.2lb.

Lee fished hair rigged boilies and, anti-tangle tubing with a size 4 wide gape hook. All his fish were caught on Trigga & pop up corn, KG1 dumbell and pop up corn or strawberry boilie and pop up corn.
Lee missed 2 fish and had 1 hook pull.
He landed 9 fish over the week totalling 217 lb 10oz, his biggest for the week was 29 lb 15 oz
These were Leeís catches: 18.1lb, 19.7lb, 23.1lb, 23.3lb, 23.6lb, 25.2lb, 26.6lb, 29.1lb & 29.15lb.

Chris fished 6/8 freebie boilies every 2 hours, Pva bags of Pellet with every cast, going in the rowing boat to bait up more accurately with Pellet. All of his fish were caught on 20mm/15mm Trigga and pink pepper pop ups, Trigga bottom bait, 15mm cell and pink pepper pop up or bloodworm boilie and pink pepper pop ups. Chris had 1 miss, he struck a run but nothing was there.
He landed 8 fish over the week totalling 193 lb 9 oz, his biggest was 29 lb 8 oz.
These were Chrisí catches: 18.2lb, 19.8lb, 22.3lb, 24.8lb, 25lb, 26.14lb, 27.14lb & 29.8lb.

Jack fished Anti tangle tubing safety rig, size 4 Korda hooks, pva bags with boilies & pellet, 2.5oz leads. Jack says the 6 fish he missed were down to him being a heavy sleeper and not getting out of his bivvy in time.
He landed 7 fish over the week totalling 170 lb 6 oz, his biggest was his first fish at 28 lb 4 oz.
These were his catches: 2 x 21.6lb, 24.1lb, 24.3lb, 25lb, 26.8lb & 28.4lb.

Check out the full catch report here: www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/catch.htm (http://www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/catch.htm)

Check out all the photos here: www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/gallery_catch.htm (http://www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/gallery_catch.htm)

Here are a few pics:





26-07-2011, 09:47
nice report :cool: some lovely looking fish as well :tu:

31-07-2011, 16:41
Week 19 saw Mark Short from Dover fish his second week, also it saw the arrival of 2 groups of 2 arriving for 5 days of fishing, Clive & Nick from Surrey and Andy with his son Sam from Wirral.

Mark Short arrived along side last weekís group, he only fished days and not every day. He brought along his wife, Julie, and his 10 year old dog, Bobby, all of them stayed in the Gite each night and on Marks swim during the days he fished.

Marks first week was plagued with the same rain as last weeks anglers, and whereas dogs usually donít mind the rain, Bobby decided it was a bit much and took cover on the landing mat, under the Velcro cover.
The weather for Marks second week picked up and he managed to catch a few rays before he left.

Bobby sheltering from the rain.


Mark started his first week in Harrier and managed to land himself 7 fish, he moved to Owl on Sunday morning and managed to land another 9 fish before he left.
Mark used Premier matrix boilies and made himself PVA bags of crushed boilies for each cast, with a scattering of about 20 Ė 30 boilies at the start of each day.

His total for the 2 weeks was 16 fish totalling 332 lb 9 oz, his biggest for the week was 28 lb 2 oz.
His catches were: 17.2lb, 17.7lb, 18.1lb, 18.4lb, 18.10lb, 19.7lb, 19.8lb, 20.8lb, 2 x 21lb, 21.4lb, 22.2lb, 22.6lb, 22.8lb, 25.4lb & 28.2lb.

Nick & Clive Dudley, from surrey, arrived Saturday and started fishing on Sunday. The guys did spend quite a bit of time at the house socialising, with Nick taking a keen interest in the chickens and checking they were alright and even letting them out for me at the crack of dawn.
They opted for Hawk & Kestrel and started with the same tactics of Trigga topped with pop up corn, with some hemp & pellet to draw the fish in.
Clive faired better than Nick and Nick tried various tactics but it just seemed it was not going to be Nickís week.
Nicks catches came to Trigga topped with either Pink Pepper or pop up corn.
Between them they landed 10 fish, Clive with 7 totalling 163 lb 8 oz, Nick with 3 totalling 73 lb 14 oz.
Cliveís catches were: 17.9lb, 19.8lb, 21.8lb, 24.7lb, 26lb, and 2 x 27.4lb.
Nicks catches were: 21.14lb, 24.2lb, and 27.14lb.

Andy and his son Sam, from Wirral also started fishing late on Sunday. Andy had booked a double swim, and with his son Sam he was sharing 3 rods. They were allocated Harrier (Markís swim from the previous week).
Andy was looking to give Sam (12) the carp fishing bug, it seems to be working as they will both be returning in 4 weeks time.
Sam enjoyed himself for the week but was not used to the late night runs, it took him a while to wake up whilst his dad was playing the fish.
Andy & Sam fished with Trigga & Pop up corn with a scattering of freebies and some hem & Pellet.
Between them they landed 12 fish totalling 284 lb 11 oz, 2 of which were 30ís and the biggest being 31lb.
Their catches were: 16lb, 8.1lb, 21.2lb, 21.5lb, 22.3lb, 22.5lb, 24.5lb, 2 x 25.2lb, 28.1lb, 30.1lb & 31lb.

Check out the full catch report here: www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/catch.htm (http://www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/catch.htm)

Check out all the photos here: www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/gallery_catch.htm (http://www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/gallery_catch.htm)

Here are a few pics:






31-07-2011, 17:02
:cool: another good report :clap: like the look of that mirror in the second pic especially :tu:

Well done all.

06-08-2011, 13:10
Kevin Johnson, Senior & Junior, along with James Dalton filmed some of their catches from last week 30th July Ė 6th August.
Check out the full catch report here: Etang de Planchon videos (http://www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/videos.htm)

07-08-2011, 17:13
Week 20 saw the arrival of 3 guys from Essex, Kevin Johnson Senior, Kevin Johnson Junior and James Dalton. The guys drove down from the UK and were expected to arrive quite early Saturday morning (around 7 am). The journey seemed to go well and apparently they arrived about 3am and slept in the car. I found out later in the week they actually slept in the car, right outside the lake, they only had to knock and they could have had the sofas.

They all had a few teas and coffees to wake themselves up, and after going through the rules and chatting to the previous anglers, before they left, they went about choosing their swims.

Kevin Jnr & Snr decided on Hawk and Kestrel on the left side of the lake, James decided he might have Falcon, no actually Owl takes his fancy, no no it has to be Harrier, ďif thatís alright with you?Ē he said.

All three of them brought some Darenth Valley baits along with them and did really well using N-Tice and Skunk & Plum, They all fished bottom baits and some were topped with fake corn, surrounded by a few freebie boilies.

Between the three of them they landed 55 fish for the week, totalling 1,274 lb 6 oz, 3 of which were 30ís.

Kevin Junior landed himself 10 fish totalling 235 lb 8 oz, his biggest being 29 lb.
His catches were: 17.12lb, 20.8lb, 20.10lb, 22lb, 22.8lb, 24lb, 25lb, 26.8lb, 27.10lb & 29lb.

Kevin Senior landed himself 21 fish totalling 487 lb 12 oz, 2 of which were 30ís and his biggest was 30lb 8oz.
His catches were: 2 x 18lb, 19.8lb, 3 x 20lb, 3 x 21lb, 3 x 22.8lb, 2 x 24lb, 25lb, 25.4lb, 27lb, 2 x 28lb, 30lb & 30.8lb.

James landed the most fish for the week with 24 carp on the bank totalling 551 lb 8 oz, 1 of which was a 30 at 30 lb 8 oz.
His catches were: 2 x 18.8lb, 2 x 18.12lb, 2 x 19.8lb, 20.8lb, 20.12lb, 3 x 21.4lb, 22.2lb, 22.8lb, 2 x 23.12lb, 24.4lb, 24.8lb, 25.12lb, 26.4lb, 26.8lb, 2 x 27.8lb, 27.12lb & 30.8lb.

Check out the full catch report here: www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/catch.htm (http://www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/catch.htm)

Check out all the photos here: www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/gallery_catch.htm (http://www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/gallery_catch.htm)

Here are a few pics:




07-08-2011, 17:19
Once again anglers having a cracking session on your lake. Some very impressive weights there too. Those carp look in superb condition :cool: Well done those guys and keep up the good work over there.

07-08-2011, 17:31
nice weights, nice fish, nice venue :cool: :clap:

07-08-2011, 17:49
Hi Guys, thanks for the words of support.
Much appreciated.

14-08-2011, 11:56
Week 21 saw my other halves nephew, Chris Baker (19 years old), fish for about 10 hours over the week and 1 night, joining him for the night was my neighbour Marco Coultard.

Chris came to stay for the week and popped out to do a little fishing now and then, he usually does varying types of fishing in the UK and is not solely a carp angler. He was quite keen to get his hook into a big carp.
He fished with different baits that are being trialled here at Etang de Planchon and he managed to land 4 fish but he also lost 3. He caught 2 on the Etang de Planchon special (Trigga tweaked with Salmon Elite & GLM) topped with pop up corn, 1 on Skunk & Blackcurrant (a Darenth Valley Bait) topped with pop up corn and 1 on N-Tice bottom bait (also a Darenth Valley Bait).
His catch totalled 90 lb 2 oz, his biggest was 26 lb.
This is what he caught: 20lb, 20.4lb, 23.14lb & 26lb.

Marco joined Chris for his night session, he usually fishes for pike, zander & trout but fancied a bit of carp fishing.
Marco managed to land 2 fish and lose 2, he fished with N-tice topped with mussel & anchovy pop up.
His catches totalled 47 lb 4 oz, they were 20.4lb & 27lb.

Check out the catch report here: www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/catch.htm (http://www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/catch.htm)

Check out the photos here: www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/gallery_catch.htm (http://www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/gallery_catch.htm)

Here are a few pics:




14-08-2011, 20:21
Well done lad, some nice lumps there :cool: :clap:

keith wright
15-08-2011, 21:40
agree with above posts, seems a friendly well run water with a chance of a big fish or two..look forward to the next catch report...

15-08-2011, 22:31
agree with above posts, seems a friendly well run water with a chance of a big fish or two..look forward to the next catch report...

Thanks mate :cool:, appreciate the feedback and I'll keep you updated on the catches.


28-08-2011, 20:34
Hi all, there was no report last week as the lake was booked for 2 weeks exclusively, here is the report for those 2 weeks.

Week 22 & 23 saw Les Bowen and his family hire the Gite and the lake exclusively.
Les was here on a family holiday, but with 2 of his sons, and his brother for the first week, he also wanted to get some fishing in.

Les didnít fish constantly and didnít fish many nights, he had days out with his family alongside the fishing.

The weather was quite cool when he arrived but it soon picked up and a majority of the days were quite hot, on average mid to high 30ís.

Les arrived around 11.30 pm Sunday night, he arrived to find his brother Chris (who flew down) already on his 2nd bottle of wine, everyone knew there was no fishing happening on the Sunday night.

Chris had already been telling me that there was a little rivalry between the 2 brothers when it comes to fishing. While Chris was here it was mentioned many times that, on a previous fishing trip for cats, Lesí biggest fish was smaller than Chrisí smallest fish.
Chris was first out of the brothers to bag any fish, he was winding his brother up until a couple of days later when Les pulled out 3 fish within an hour and the 3rd was the biggest (32 lb 6 oz) for the week and ended up being the biggest over the 2 weeks.

Two of Lesí sons also fished for the week, Nick and Glen. Nick fished the most out of everyone and most of the time, decided to stay on the lake whilst the rest had their family days out.

Here is how they all did.

Chris, here for just 5 days (both fishing and venturing out) landed himself 2 carp for the week totalling 44 lb, here is what he caught: 24lb, & 20lb.

Les managed to land himself 11 fish over the 2 weeks, alongside days out and playing board games by the lake with the kids.
He fished Trigga with fake corn, Trigga with Tutti pop ups and also had a couple on Trigga with Crab pop up.
His catch totalled 265 lb 8oz, his biggest was 32 lb 6 oz.
His catches were: 17.12lb, 18lb, 19.4lb, 21.8lb, 2 x 23.8lb, 26lb, 27lb, 28lb, 28.10lb & 32.6lb

Glen managed to land himself 9 fish over the 2 weeks, he also didnít fish many nights and went out on the family trips. Glen fished Trigga boilies for the 2 weeks.
His catch totalled 225 lb 2 oz, his biggest was his first fish at 29 lb 14 oz.
His catches were: 19.10 lb, 21.10lb, 22lb, 22.14lb, 2 x 26.8lb, 27.12lb, 28.6lb & 29.14lb.

Nick fished the most over the 2 weeks, he did venture out some days and he did fish more nights than anyone else. Nick fished Trigga boilies and topped them off with either fake / pop up corn or Pink pepper or Tutti Frutti pop ups
He managed to land 25 fish totalling 575 lb 1 oz, his biggest was 28 lb 4 oz.
His catches were: 17.9lb, 18lb, 19lb, 19.14lb, 20lb, 20.4lb, 21lb, 21.10lb, 21.14lb, 22lb, 22.4lb, 22.8lb, 21.12lb, 23.2lb, 24lb, 24.6lb, 24.15lb, 25.8lb, 26.8lb, 26.15lb, 27lb, 27.8lb, 28.2lb & 28.4lb.

Check out the catch reports & photos here: www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/catch.htm (http://www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/catch.htm)

Check out the gallery photos here: www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/gallery_catch.htm (http://www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/gallery_catch.htm)

Here are a few pics:







04-09-2011, 17:49
Week 24 saw the arrival of 2 groups of 2, Andy Lane and his 12 year old son Sam for their second visit this year, also Tom Suckling and Ian Dixon on their first visit.

Andy & Sam returned for a second fishing trip just 4 weeks after they left, previously Andy fished 3 rods while giving his son Sam the taste for carping.
This trip Andy decided Sam would have a rod on his own while he fished his own 3 rods.
Andy and Sam fished for 5 days and were in Harrier swim, as before, they both fished Trigga topped with fake corn on top over a small bed of pellet and hemp.

Between them they managed to land 26 carp, more than doubling their last visit, 3 of the carp caught were over 30 lb and the biggest was 34 lb 2 oz.

Here is what they caught:
Andy caught 21 fish totalling 517lb 7oz, his biggest was 34 lb 2oz.
His catches were: 18.8lb, 2 x 19.2lb, 19.4lb, 2 x 21lb, 21.3lb, 21.4lb, 24.4lb, 25lb, 2 x 25.6lb, 2 x 26lb, 26.2lb, 2 x 27lb, 27.2lb, 30.2lb, 33.8lb & 34.2lb.
The 33.8lb carp apparently would have been Samís but he couldnít get himself out of bed, that was until Andy made him get up to take a picture.

Sam Caught 5 fish totalling 103lb, his biggest was 23 lb 10oz.
His catches were: 18.12lb, 19.8lb, 20lb, 21.2lb & 23.10lb.

Andy plans on returning next year with both of his sons.

Tom (16) & Ian (from Hertfordshire) were originally booked on for the end of July but due to a sporting injury they had to postpone until the end of August.
Although Tom was better and no longer in a cast, he still was on crutches so they were allocated a double swim and they decided only to fish 2 rods each and only one of the nights they were here.

Tomís mum, Alex, was also here and was staying in the Gite. Alex became honorary net lady when Ian caught a fish, and helped with the photos and keeping the fish wet and generally being the bivvy dogs body.

Ian previously had not done a lot of Carp fishing and Tom was the experienced carp angler, but Ian managed to start the ball rolling and caught first. Ian managed to stay ahead of Tom in numbers until the end of the week when they both ended up with 14 carp each.
Ian did manage to the land the most in weight and the biggest for the week, all in all they had a very enjoyable time and are planning on a return visit.

Tom & Ian both fished boilies topped with fake corn over a small bed of pellet and hemp, the boilies they caught on were Trigga, DVB Ntice, DVB skunk & plum and DT baits N Blend.

Tom caught 14 fish totalling 288 lb 10 oz, his biggest was 26 lb 14 oz.
His catches were: 15lb, 16.12lb, 16.14lb, 2 x 18lb, 20lb, 20.2lb, 20.8lb, 20.10lb, 22lb, 23lb, 24.10lb, 26.4lb & 26.14lb.

Ian caught 14 fish totalling 306 lb 10 oz, his biggest was 28 lb 8 oz.
His catches were: 17.4lb, 18.4lb, 18.6lb, 2 x 19.4lb, 19.14lb, 20.12lb, 21.12lb, 23.14lb, 24.2lb, 24.10lb, 2 x 25.6lb & 28.8lb.

Check out the catch reports & photos here: www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/catch.htm (http://www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/catch.htm)

Check out the gallery photos here: www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/gallery_catch.htm (http://www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/gallery_catch.htm)

Here are a few pics:









04-09-2011, 17:59
:clap: well done all the anglers, some belting looking fish there from weeks 22,23 & 24 :cool: mucho envious :lol:

Ive twittered, google plussed and facebooked this thread :cool:

11-09-2011, 13:36
Week 25 saw Rob & Emma from Preston here for a long weekend and it also saw the arrival of Mack & Alfie Hope from Staines.

Mack & Alfie were very laid back over the week, very easy going and were itching to get on the lake.
They fished Buzzard and Hawk on the left side of the lake and were keen to get in the action.
Between them they managed to land 24 fish, but they lost 5 fish each over the week.
They made a few rig adjustments along the way.
It seems the fish were having a smart week and doing what they could to not make a visit to the banks of the lake as you will see from Robs report further down.

Mack and Alfie caught on Trigga, DVB Skunk & Plum, DVB N-tice & DVB Skunk & plum all topped with fake corn.

Mack landed 14 fish over the week totalling 314 lb 6oz, his biggest was 34 lb.
His catches were: 34lb, 30.8lb, 27.10lb, 25lb, 23.2lb, 21.6lb, 21lb, 20lb, 19.6lb, 19.4lb, 18.8lb, 18.6lb, 18.4lb & 18lb, .

Alfie landed 10 fish over the week totalling 226 lb, his biggest was 28 lb 2 oz.
His catches were: 28.2lb, 28lb, 23.4lb, 23.2lb, 2 x 22.2lb, 22lb, 20.4lb, 20lb & 17lb.

Mack has booked his return for April next year and Alfie may well be joining him.

Rob & Emma arrived Friday afternoon and left Monday afternoon, Rob fished 3 rods for the weekend and the plan was to let Emma catch a few of his carp (after he had caught the first few that is).
Both Rob and Emma fish so they were both looking forward to landing a few.
Rob started the weekend off well with his first 3 fish falling to 3 pieces of fake corn over a small bed of pellet. After his good start he, unfortunately, managed to lose 11 fish, 3 of which were lost by Emma.
Rob decided on a change of tactics and removed his KD rigs and went for blowback & simple rigs, this worked in his favour and he landed another 6 fish before he left. They were caught on Trigga, Trigga & fake corn and Scopex and fake corn.

Robs total catch for the weekend was 9 fish totalling 205 lb 10 oz, his biggest was a 29 lb 10 oz common.
These were his catches: 29.10lb, 2 x 26.8lb, 26lb, 23lb, 19.8lb, 18.6lb, 18.2lb & 18lb.

Rob & Emma have already booked 2 more trips for next year, both a long weekend and a full week.

Check out the catch reports & photos here: www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/catch.htm (http://www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/catch.htm)

Check out the gallery photos here: www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/gallery_catch.htm (http://www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/gallery_catch.htm)

Here are a few pics:







11-09-2011, 13:53
Once again some beautiful looking fish being caught :cool:

11-09-2011, 13:56
Once again some beautiful looking fish being caught :cool:

Bang on :cool:

the top and bottom mirrors look especially nice for me :clap: well done all :tu:

17-09-2011, 15:18
Week 26 saw the arrival of Peter Creasey, Stuart game and his 2 sons Nick & Jon from Wiltshire.

All four guys were fishing virtually the same methods, Jon & Nick had not been carp fishing for a while and their PBís in the UK were around the 10 lb mark.
This was Jon & Nicks first fishing trip in France, but Peter and Stuart were regulars.

Stuart helped his 2 sons set up initially, showing them how to set up their rigs and what to bait up with.

Peter and Stuart were quite competitive; from the time they arrived there was banter about who will have the biggest and who will have the most.

The fish were not playing ball this week, whether it was the weather changing (hot during the day and cold at night), the full moon or pressure change, who knows? But this meant that 3 of the guys catch numbers were low.

Peter landed both the most and the largest of the week, Stuarts 2 sons managed to beat their dad in both more and bigger fish. Stuart of course claims he had to let his sons do better than him so as to give them the bug for carp fishing.

Here is how they did:

Peter Landed 19 fish using a mix of bottom baits, pop ups and fake corn. His total weight was 420 lb 12 oz and his biggest was 30 lb.
His catches were 30lb, 28lb, 27.14lb, 27.12lb, 25lb, 23.8lb, 23lb, 22.8lb, 22.6lb, 21.2lb, 21lb, 20.2lb, 20lb, 19.8lb, 18.4lb, 18.2lb, 18lb, 17.10lb & 17lb.

Nick landed 6 fish using N-tice, sweetcorn and tutti boilies topped with pop ups or fake corn. His total weight was and 133 lb 8 oz and his biggest fish was 28lb.
His catches were: 28lb, 27.8lb, 22.8lb, 19lb, 18.8lb & 18lb.

Jon landed 5 fish using boilies topped with pop ups or fake corn. His total weight was and 106 lb 8 oz and his biggest fish was 27lb.
His catches were: 27lb, 23lb, 21lb, 20lb & 15.8lb

Stuart landed 4 fish using Stinky fish boilies and sweetcorn boilies, he said he wont hear the last of this, in fact he was sure he was going to hear about it, from his sons, all the way home
His total weight was and 89 lb and his biggest fish was 25.8lb.
His catches were: 25.8lb, 23.8lb & 2 x 20lb.

Check out the catch reports & photos here: www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/catch.htm (http://www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/catch.htm)

Check out the gallery photos here: www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/gallery_catch.htm (http://www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/gallery_catch.htm)

Here are a few pics:





25-09-2011, 21:52
Week 27 saw the arrival of David Morley for 1 day, Harry Goulding from Coulsdon and Mike Crawford from Chessington, for a couple of days.

David has a holiday home locally and decided he might try his hand at fishing for some French carp, David fished only for 1 day but managed to land himself a 20 lb 6 oz Mirror.
He was happy with his day and I look forward to seeing him again.

Harry and Mike fished for three days, they fished on opposite sides of the lake and Mike did not fish the nights.
Unfortunately Mike didnít catch, Harry managed to land 4 carp while fishing on 2 rods, 3 of which beat his current PB.
They were 23.10lb, 21.12lb, 19.14lb & 17.14lb.

Harry & Mike plan on coming back next year but doing a full week with a few others in tow.

Check out the catch reports & photos here: www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/catch.htm (http://www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/catch.htm)

Check out the gallery photos here: www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/gallery_catch.htm (http://www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/gallery_catch.htm)

Here are a couple of pics:



03-10-2011, 12:07
some more nice looking fish there, well done the anglers :tu:

03-10-2011, 19:41
Week 28 & 29 saw the arrival of John Rathbone & Geoff Busby, from Birmingham, for a long weekend (4 days) fishing trip. John’s wife had purchased the trip, for him and his mate Geoff, as one of his 40th birthday presents.
John and Geoff had never fished France before and were looking forward to getting some French carp on the bank.
When they arrived Geoff said how lucky John was when it comes to everything, including fishing, no surprise then that his 1st night and early morning he managed to land 3 fish, 2 of which were 30’s.
The 4 days were very hot, even reaching 31 degrees 1 day, they still managed to land 9 carp between them, the biggest being Johns 30’s at 30.08 lb & 34lb.
Here’s what they caught.
John caught 6 fish totalling 156 lb 3 oz, they were: 34lb, 30.8lb, 28lb, 22lb, 21.14lb & 20lb.
Geoff caught 3 fish totalling 58 lb 10 oz, they were: 21.2lb, 20.4lb & 17.4lb.

The weekend also saw the arrival of 2 guys who live about an hour away from Etang de Planchon, they came to do a 48 hour session.
Iain & Jean-Jacques managed to land 4 fish between them.
Jean-Jacques caught 2 and they were 24.4lb & 22.8lb, Iain also caught 2 and they were 19.12lb & 16.8lb.

Check out the catch reports & photos here: www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/catch.htm (http://www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/catch.htm)

Check out the gallery photos here: www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/gallery_catch.htm (http://www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/gallery_catch.htm)

Here are a couple of pics:



17-10-2011, 17:55
The Full Monty at Etang de Planchon

Week 30 saw the arrival of Mark Trippett aka Trip, Mark Crawshaw, Tom Burns and Wim Snape from Sheffield.

Wim Snape, now 26 years old is most famously known for starring in the “Full Monty” as Nathan (13 yrs old), the son of Robert Carlisle in the film. Since the Full Monty, Wim has appeared in “Emmerdale” over 6 months, a number of episodes of “Heartbeat” over the years,” Holby City” and “Doctors”.

The week was the most active one fishing wise since the lake opened in March this year.
A fantastic time was had by all with some great banter, laughs to the point some of us got a belly ache (Wim and his imitation accents are to blame for that one and Trip and his numerous costume changes). :cool:

The number of fish caught in a week by any one group was broken this week, with a total catch of 107 fish.
Trip broke the record for catching the most commons and was well on his way to breaking the record for catching the most fish by any one angler in a week, however, circumstances arose on the last night to hinder his efforts, it comes in glass bottles and it is red. :eek:
I do believe Trip slept well that night.
The current record to date is 56 fish and Trip caught 52 fish (so so so close).

Mark Crawshaw did add to the groups catch but spent most of his week taking some cracking photos of the lake and surroundings. Mark said he loved Etang de Planchon because it was an ideal place for photographs as he is a budding photographer.
You can see some of Marks pictures on the Etang de Planchon facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Etang-de-Planchon/120530967957722), and also you can see some of Marks work on his Mark Crawshaws photography facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Mark-Crawshaw-Photography/217817254945130).

In total the group caught 107 Carp totalling 2457 lb 14 oz, of which 4 were 30’s and 16 were commons.

Here’s how they did individually.
Mark Trippett (Trip) fished mainly on Sticky vortex, mixing it up with fake corn, Proper Job pop ups or just as a bottom bait. He used blowback rigs with an in line running lead.
He managed to land 52 fish totalling 1211 lb 8 oz and his catches were:
34lb, 30.2lb, 29.14lb, 29lb, 28.14lb, 24.8lb, 28lb, 27.12lb, 27lb, 26.14lb, 26.10lb, 26.2lb, 26lb, 25lb, 3 x24.6lb, 2 x 24.4lb, 24.2lb, 2 x 24lb, 2 x 23.10lb, 23.8lb, 23.6lb, 2 x 23lb, 22.4lb, 4 x 22lb, 21.14lb, 21.10lb, 21.8lb, 21.6lb, 4 x 21lb, 20.6lb, 2 x 20lb, 19.10lb, 19.8lb, 19.2lb, 19lb, 18lb, 17.2lb, 16.2lb, & 14.10lb
Well done Trip

Tom Burns fished much the same, using sticky Vortex with or without fake corn.
He managed to land 26 fish totalling 640 lb 2 oz and his catches were:
31lb, 29.10lb, 4 x 27lb, 26.8lb, 4 x 26lb, 2 x 25.8lb, 2 x 25lb, 2 x 24lb, 2 x 23lb, 2 x 22lb, 3 x 21lb, 20lb & 19lb.

Wim again fished much the same style, again using sticky baits.
He managed to land 21 fish totalling 434 lb 16 oz and his catches were:
31lb, 26lb, 24.8lb, 24lb, 23lb, 4 x 22lb, 21.8lb, 21lb, 19.8lb, 19lb, 3 x 18.8lb, 18.4lb, 17.4lb, 16lb & 2 x 15lb.

Mark did fish a little and he fished the same as Trip.
He managed to land 8 fish totalling 171 lb 12 oz and his catches were:
29.2lb, 23.2lb, 22.8lb, 2 x 22lb, 18.12lb, 18lb & 16.4lb.

The lake has been quiet since they left and the dogs are missing the pampering.
I look forward to seeing them all again next year.

Well done guys and thanks for a cracking laugh.

Check out the catch reports & photos here: www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/catch.htm (http://www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/catch.htm)

Check out the gallery photos here: www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/gallery_catch.htm (http://www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/gallery_catch.htm)

Here are a few pics:







30-10-2011, 21:43
The final week of a great first season at Etang de Planchon.

A big thank you goes out to everyone that came to Etang de Planchon this year, I hope you all enjoyed your time here as much as I enjoyed you all being here.

Week 32 saw the arrival of William Clement de Grand Prey, Matthew Lower, Tristan Parsons and Benjamin Davidson from East Sussex.

The previous week there was no one fishing the lake so the fish were fed each day until the day before the guys arrived, when they did arrive the lake was buzzing with lots of fizzing all over the lake, which made it difficult for the guys to decide between themselves as to which swims they wanted.
They all decided on lady luck and having paired up ready to go each side they decided the toss of a coin would make the final decision on which side they would fish.

Will & Ben ended up on the right of the lake and opted for Owl & Harrier, while Matt and Tristan ended up on the left and opted for Buzzard and Kestrel. There was no rivalry between the guys, or so I was led to believe, but in the words of Will in his parting comments in our visitors book it was ĎGame oní.

The guys had come prepared and brought some bait with them but they had all ordered some cooked maize and Will also decided to start with some cooked hemp.

Between the 4 guys they managed to land 78 fish totalling 1786 lb 2 oz, a good catch for the week, and there were a few whispers from will that he didnít record all of his fish because he forgot (likely story).

They even managed an impromptu close range boilie fight.


So hereís how they fished.

Matt fished Buzzard and caught the most fish for the week, 30 fish totalling 673 lb 4 oz, his biggest was 33lb.
The majority of his fish were caught on Grange and Corn.
This is what he caught: 33 lb, 29.8lb, 28.8lb, 26.6lb, 26.2lb, 26lb, 24.10lb, 2 x 24.8lb, 24.6lb, 23.10lb, 2 x 23.2lb, 23lb, 22.8lb, 22.6lb, 22lb, 21.2lb, 20.10lb, 20.6lb, 19.14lb, 19.10lb, 19.8lb, 19.4lb, 19.2lb, 18.10lb, 18lb, 17.10lb, 16.4lb & 16lb.

Ben fished Owl and caught 13 fish totalling 289 lb 10 oz, his biggest fish was the largest for the week at 35 lb 2 oz.
The majority of his fish were caught on Trigga topped with fake corn.
This is what he caught: 35.2lb, 29.2lb, 28.4lb, 25.2lb, 25lb, 23.10lb, 21.6lb, 20.2lb, 20lb, 19lb, 18.10lb, 17.4lb & 16lb.

Tristan fished Kestrel and caught 22 fish totalling 514 lb, his biggest fish was a 31 lb common that he caught twice within a matter of days.
The majority of his fish were caught on corn or Grange.
This is what he caught: 2 x 31lb, 27.10lb, 27.6lb, 2 x 25.8lb, 25.4lb, 25.2lb, 24.10lb, 24.8lb, 24.6lb, 24.2lb, 24lb, 23.6lb, 22.14lb, 21.2lb, 19.10lb, 2 x 18.8lb, 18.4lb, 16.4lb & 15.8lb.

Will fished harrier and caught 13 fish totalling 300 lb 4 oz, his biggest for the week was 29 lb 10 oz.
The majority of his catches were on DVB N-Tice topped with green corn.
This is what he caught: 29.10lb, 29.8lb, 26.2lb, 24.2lb, 23.4lb, 22.2lb, 3 x 22lb, 21.6lb, 21lb, 20lb & 17.2lb.

A big thank you again to everyone who graced the banks of Etang de Planchon this year and also for all the support I have had from all of you this year.

I look forward to seeing most of you next year.

Check out the catch reports & photos here: www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/catch.htm (http://www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/catch.htm)

Check out the gallery photos here: www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/gallery_catch.htm (http://www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/gallery_catch.htm)

Here are a few pics:









31-10-2011, 14:21
looks like a great final week :clap: well done all that fished :clap:

look forward to the catch results next season :cool: