View Full Version : out of date bait ?

26-07-2011, 21:48
i have several kilos of boilies and a kilo of halibut pellet. both about 2 years old what does the forum suggest i do with them.
bury them . (christian ceremony)
mince them up with my vitalin
give them to next doors cat (with luck she turninto a catfish )
or none of the above

27-07-2011, 08:52
I'd personally crush it all up and use in spod mix mate

27-07-2011, 12:52
make it into chops, whole boilies and crushed, mix it with some super carpy munga then spod the granny out of it (wise words from Mr Fairbrass);)

jonny vegas
27-07-2011, 13:28
how do you know they are out of date??????

the only thing baitwise i,ve seen with a best before date stamped on the 20 kilo sacks are trout and halibut pellets from the suppliers.

27-07-2011, 16:17
I would go with the majority here and say crush em down for spod.

Although some pellwt does go rancid after while so maybe a check with one of the bait lads to see what they think :cool:

27-07-2011, 22:17
If i do buy boilies again i think i may go for the frozen ones (if i buy in bulk) normally i tend to buy half a kilo at a time (due to expense) one thing i notice there is no" best by" date on them when yu buy them loose like i do but i assume they only last for 6 months. I think 2 years is probably pushing the boat abit..
I currently do not use boilies and have not since 2009 ! next hear i probably will be ,if i join a syndicated fishery. But until then i think i mash those old ones to bits.