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31-08-2011, 20:54
Hi all,

I know a lot of the guys on CC buy a fair amount of base mix ingredients from NSA. While i'm sure most of you are using tried and tested recipes that you have used for ages there will be a number of you that are maybe still developing your "Perfect" base mix. If you had a peice of simple software that you could enter all of your chosen ingredients into and it analysed your mix would you be likely to use it?

The reason I ask is that I have such a peice of software which has all of the current stock of NSA ingredients pre-configured. The software as I said is simple to use. you simply pick the ingredients and add to your recipe in quantities you think will work. Hit the big "ANALYSE" button and it tells you a complete breakdown of your bait from protein content through to trace elements and vitamins. If it's not quite right you just play around with the quantities until it is. The cherry on the cake is that you can save each recipe within the software too so you can use it as an electronic boilie cook book for later reference. By using the software you can tweak mixes for the different seasons, water temperatures and so on. If you want to you can also use the software to cost out your mix too. Just incase your mix ends up costing you 25 a kilo :D. By using the software you can see straight away if the mix is going to be purely a carrier mix, a food bait or a happy medium that meets your budget and will keep the fishies happy too. This information also lets you tailor the mix towards one or the other as you build it up.

If you and your mates bulk buy and roll your baits as a group the software is fully mobile and can be stored on a memory stick to take round to your mates house. It doesn't have to be installed and runs straight from the stick including storing your recipes there too.

The reason I am asking is that I am going to be sharing this software if there is enough interest. I will tweak the settings a bit further to simplify it even more with simple species classifications pre configured. These will be:

Cyprinids (Carp)
Salmonids (Salmon, Trout)
Silurians (Catfish)

Dietary analysis settings will be pre configured for these species classes.

All NSA ingredients stock will be pre-configured including full nutritional breakdown.
PDF's of each species classifications typical dietary requirements will be included in the pack.
The software can then be tweaked as necessary to add new ingredients and their information whether it be from NSA or another supplier/manufacturer. It will be up to you to enter the current rates/prices for the ingredients as these obviously fluctuate, or you may just not want to use this feature of the software. For all of this I will be asking for a fiver and you will be able to download it directly from the NSA store. The cost of the purchase will not be for the software itself but for the database of product information needed to run the program.

Feedback on the idea will be appreciated.


31-08-2011, 23:31
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