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08-09-2011, 21:27
That Mr D Leney not only stocked the aptly named Leney strain of carp, but also was the first to stock the Galician strain of carp way back in 1934, picked this up while reading a chapter in the Passion for Angling book.

What other famous strains are there and where were they originally stocked ?( and i dont mean simmo's :lol: )

08-09-2011, 21:36
Well im no expert but the only other strains ive heard about are Dinks, Italians and royales and all are fairly distinctive in their own rights,, dinks being from germany are quite fat and chunky and the mirrors have large scales,,Italians as most know are the ones shaped like footballs with a head and tail stuck on em lol, and then royales seem to have quite big shoulders as i would call it, unsure about stocking dates and stuff and thats wher emy general knowledge of strains ends!!

As for stocking i know that theres Dinks and Italians throughout oxford and northampton for sure, no idea where they were "Originally" stocked though. Ive only ever caught 1 fish that i would say was a Royale strain and that was down in Kent from Keston ponds.:cool: