View Full Version : what charities do yu give too

12-09-2011, 16:49
i have a list that i dont give too (i have my reasons too)
1 chidrens charities in general but i do give to hospices and cancer charities. the reason for this is that they tend to get the most money and other charities (ie animal ones) dont get a foot in.
2 Christian aid and anything to do with any foreign charity whatso ever. I found out that for every 1 they get 50p goes to costs such as wages(holdon should the workers work for nothing it is a charity) some heads of charities are actually earning over 100,000 a year (this is money that could have been given to the people who need it )then there is the cost of back handers to foreigners to take the charity money /clothes to where it is needed . In one case in particular clothes that was given by the public ended up been sold in shops . Not the where it was going to (this was a fact in a romanian chidrens charity wherenone of the clothes got to the orphans who it was going too) There has in many cases money gone missing or stolen by currupt politicans
3. church charities some of which the church should have been pulled down and rebuilt (as it would have cost less). whats the point of keeping a church open when no one uses it/. Some of these churches have been sold and converted into flats or houses and huge amounts have been made by the church as a whole. (one case the church and its hall was converted into flats and made over a million pounds,revenue for the owners ie methodist church.
I am always aware who my charity money is going too, and if i think its a bit iffy then they dont get a bean from me.
Not to say i have not been involved in charities as i have some years back we collected many thousands to make a wish foundation and hundreds to a hospice for kids in canvey island. we had a policy that a percentage of our takeing from our club (motorcycle club) would go to outr charity for that year.

12-09-2011, 18:49
there is only one for me

air ambulance

as they saved my life after my big bike crash,

its one of them charities you hope you never use but you are glad they are there if you do need them.


keith wright
12-09-2011, 21:18
monthly to cancer research....
donna louise trust....

13-09-2011, 00:33
The Francis house trust (kiddies respite care in Manchester) the young girl who was with David Beckham at the games, Kirsty, uses this place, and they looked after my niece as-well.

13-09-2011, 12:38
I will and do donate to worth while charities where it benefits those in our own Country. Cancer and Children charities in particular.

In my opinion there are far too many people who seem intent on giving to charities who help foreign countries, harsh I know but would they help us? No.

13-09-2011, 21:11
i or the missus often donate to a local hospice in the town we have both seen members of our family's pass away there and the staff are 2nd to none with out those people there who wouldnt of had as pleasent end to there lives as possible as they did so thats the 1 for me.

i also have disabled brothers so when i can i do like to support them and some of there activities they do rather than actually donating money i like taking them out or even something simple like given them some of there favorite things 1 likes music alot and the other likes puzzels so when i can i take time out to give them some of these simple things we take for granted but it really makes them happy:cool: