View Full Version : King georges, manchester, a new life begins

13-10-2011, 12:37
Well im surprised by this as i thought after the freeze of 2009 that was the end of king georges, as there were no plans to restock it.

The pool has been re stocked with around 80 carp varying from stockies to a rumoured 26lb mirror, fish out in the last couple of week have been reported and weights of upto 19 1/2lb have been on the bank.

This water is only 20 mins from and i fished there on and off for 21 years before the big freeze wiped the stock out, so im well chuffed its being brought back to life, and will be having a few days on there in the coming weeks.

13-10-2011, 17:59
Tight lines Fella,, sounds pretty alright again now :cool:

13-10-2011, 20:25
i remember how gutted you were when the big kill happened mate.

but now it seems it has been given a new lease of life. i hope it will once again be a special place for you to fish:clap::cool: