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19-10-2011, 14:06
is it me or is there far too many anglers on the bank who are snobs;) im not meaning this in a nasty way just some light hearted fun but it amazes me why some anglers will only buy the most expensive gear on the market although there is an alternative out there which wil do exactly the same job but has a different brand name on it:td:

my mate will only buy aqua bivvies for instance yet the trakker are identical yet he wouldnt be seen on the bank in a trakker bivvy he would rather not go fishing whats that all about:eek::D. it is bad in carp fishing but match anglers are even worse they got to have all there clothing matching there buckets etc,etc i just find this amazing they either mad or absolutley loaded to buy all this stuff

19-10-2011, 14:53
It's not snobbery mate it's called a tart, totally up to them in my opinion (no I'm not a tart) but I do agree at times there's cheaper stuff that does the same (or better) job than the "named" one.

Gotta say, folded reel handles take the biscuit though..................:roflol:
and don't get me started on splash mats :eek:

19-10-2011, 15:01
When I 1st started carp fishing again I got a lot of gear that was 2nd hand or cheep just to get me going and other anglers used to look at my gear and must of been thinking 'how the hell is he getting fish on that gear when I am blanking with my 5000+ set up' and I loved it because I hate ppl that think good gear = good angler.

Of cores good gear helps you in a lot of ways but if you can not fish you can not fish no mater the cost of the gear you have.

19-10-2011, 15:03
I personally believe by cheap by twice, if you can afford buy it, if you cant save for it and buy it when you have saved. :tu:

im with you on the folded reel handles its :camp:

splash mats, no comment :mrgreen: :whistle: :lol:

19-10-2011, 15:09
yep I total agree with you on the by cheap by twice thing and as you well know I made that error myself but was still getting fish with my cheep stuff.
But what gets me is that some ppl think that because there set up cost more than the ppl in the next pegs then they must be a better angler.

Jack Sparrow
19-10-2011, 16:08
Well since my main passion is sea fishing and thats were most of my money is spent all of my carp tackle is a mix and match of second hand and new, a proper pikey set up, and im not afraid to admit it, if and when i really get into my carp fishing then I will slowly go for better quality gear, but I wasnt going to spend a fortune on a sport that is totally new to me, it would not make finacial sence to me. If anyone has a problem with that on the bankside then we shall see if human hearts make good carp baits:D:D


19-10-2011, 16:20
Can anyone tell me what a splashmat is please??

jonny vegas
19-10-2011, 16:39
i agree you should buy the best you can afford,, quality will always outlast cheaper copies,, as for the tarty side of things, doesnt this reflect through all walks of life?? houses, cars, trendy pubs and clubs,, try getting yr kids to wear nicks or tesco 2 stripe trainers!!!
carping as become the same,,, nothing more than a fashion show,,, how have sets of 3,5tc rods,,with 50mm butt rings,, and then fish on 3 and 4 acre lakes,, where the biggest chuck is only 60 yards,, :tos: with alarms that are no more than baby monitors,, it beeps and the light in the bivvy comes on!! :tos: :wtf:
:tos:how many are wearing the diem range of combats, hoodies, etc,, is the quality really that much better than primarks?, why buy any of the fishing clothing out there,, we all know its shite!!!

the trouble with carping is its become too dependant on the `latest fashion`, be it rods, reels bait a bivvy so big, you need a swim the size of a heli pad to set up on,, extra long bivvy pegs, and a 7lb mallet to drive em in with!! rarely do i use any rod over 2,5tc, or use a line over 10lb bs, even tho i have `stiffer rods`
i do have a splash mat, and use it, it keeps the grit/shite out of my reels,,and a foldy handle set up,, cos it suited most of the swims i was fishing at the time,, does this make me a tart?? not that i care about what other people think,, i fish for me!!

19-10-2011, 20:36
Im not a tart but know the worth of my hard earned pound, as I have fished more and more over the last 2 years I have with the help of my Gran treated myself to some nice gear, but its still only me using it, not turned me into angling god over nite, I still laugh when I loose a 8lb fish a the net, Ill help anyone who is not rude on the bank side, and tesco combat are Bowza proof, still no large rips and holes so all is good in the none branded cloathing ranges

white bait buckets why not


19-10-2011, 20:59
haw haw haw!! i say what a bunch of cheapskate pikeys most of you are! Ive got 7 corgis i take with me! they all have their own individual splashmats with heir names in diamonds on them! ;clol:

Yea i say fair play to those who have got it,, why not flaunt it! If thats what floats your boat then good for you! as long as youve gone out and earned it the right way then its your choice to spend it how you wish!

Me personally,, well i used to have the muts nuts of a set up then sold it all like a complete mug when my son was born, i then scraped my way back into carping with some middle of the road kit that still wasnt cheap but was just bleedin good bargains! theyre out there if moneys tight you just got to be patient, BUT as ive said before and others have said so far, i will not buy cheap as from experience it will not stand up to my style of fishing or just plain old time!

Ive now upgraded again fairly recently and im very happy with my lot,, its still not your Hand built Torrix's and Basias of the world but its damn good quality gear that will last me a very very long time!! Splashmats... jesus there has to be a line somewhere!! whats wrong with giving ya reels a wipe off when your done??!

So in essence yea im a snob,, i like to wear carp clothing,,, in my every day life aswell as on the bank,, i like my setup to look good... its for me though, i can look at it and know ive paid for that and its going to last a long time!!

One thing i will say,, i wouldnt NOT go fishing if i didnt have a certain brand,, thats plain stooopid!! :cool:

AND Bowza.... you find me on a lake by my little white bucket!! :clol:

keith wright
19-10-2011, 21:16
over the many yrs i have fished, i have gone through countless items of tackle through wear and tear, yes i have brought badger it last all off about 2 months....i used nash til the mid 90`s until the quality of workmanship was appalling....glad to say i now have numerous items again which im very happy with...i feel if you are on the bank alot, u need reliable items of tackle to ensure me and the fish are safe and comfortable...if that means paying that little bit extra , then so be it.... i have never judged a angler by his gear or even by his ability ...its a hobby after all and a addictive one at that... bssas...

19-10-2011, 22:50
Can anyone tell me what a splashmat is please??

Didn't look like anyone answered your question there, so here are a couple of links,



20-10-2011, 00:00
i have the nash splash mat in the link, yes seems over the top, but like JV said, it stops grit and other bits of shite getting into the reel housing/spool area and fubaring them, i dont use it all the time just when its hammering it down and little bits of grit can be flicked up off the bank.

Is it over the top or snobbery ? no i dont think so, im only safe guarding the tackle that has come through my hard work and saving from getting damaged.

A splash mat is just the same as rod bands and tip top protectors, i see people putting there rods away with no protection while being moved about in the holdall, leads moving around scratching the rods etc, i take great care of my kit, so again snobbery or just common sense :think2:

jonny vegas
20-10-2011, 00:17
theres a big difference between having nice, tarty gear all laid out in front of you,, its your choice, after all you,re the one thats sat behind it, for what appears to be a lifetime,,,,, snobbery only comes in when the comparisions are made between the haves n have nots,, for me, personally, i,m more impressed with the anglers watercraft, and catch rate!!

ps,,,, john,,, remember the dat session we had at moreton fisheries,,,,, the convo with the bailiff and a representative from a certain, publicity shy club?????

now thats what i call snobbery!!!

20-10-2011, 11:13
Ive been called a Tackle tart but i'm not i v'e bought what i think s the best value for what i could afford at the time. I like my Trakker Armo MK11 2 man bivvy .Also i favour Shimano tackle. I do alot of research on the tackle iv'e bought over the years.
I won't by cheap because IMHO buy cheap buy twice/ three timesIdon't look down on anglers that don't my sort of tackle .After all a carp does'nt know what rods&reels&tackle you have it all down to Watercraft & ability&knowledge.
That's why i have all the gear & some idea but willing to learn of anyone.

20-10-2011, 17:00
Thanks to Hook line & screamer for letting me know what a splashmat is. Personally I don't have one of these, but good luck to anyone who does. I tend to buy the best value for money gear that I can afford, and have upgraded several times, although I think the gear I have now will be it for quite a while (apart from maybe some Delkims (the Mrs says buy them while you can). I think tackle is a very personal thing and is down to the individual, if they are happy with it then that is the main thing. If something new comes out, or someone is catching & I'm not and they are happy to share why that is, that will help catch more carp then I would be interested in it.

21-10-2011, 21:14
I'm a bit like Jack Sparrow in this area - I am relatively new to carp fishing, although I caught my first mirror circa 1967, and my, how things have changed since then :lol:

My first fishing experience was with my late dad, who was a fanatical trout fisherman - started me at age 5. He had really good gear too, Hardy, JW Young etc, but he used it on 6 continents, so deserved I feel.

My late middle brother and I did loads of sea and coarse fishing, but mostly with budget tackle like home made rods, but reels were always Penn for sea use and mostly "push button" fixed spools for coarse - did a lot of spinning and float fishing.

I now have a carp setup (or 3) that I am pleased with that did not break the bank and will outlive me (old f@rt :lol: ). My main rods are 3lb t/c Chubb Outkasts (same blanks as Greys) with 50mm butt rings, coupled with Okuma 800 reels. I also have a set of JRC Defender 2.5lb t/c which I favour on smaller waters coupled with Shakespeare Omni-X reels. Last but not least, a set of 3.5lb t/c TFG X-casts that I bought used from grumpy on which I use another set of larger Omni-X's.

None of these are tarty and whilst not being rock bottom, rather mid range gear, they all catch fish better than I do. 'Nuff said.


Paul F
22-10-2011, 09:11
I used to go in for all the top of the range gear (at one point I had 5 Infinity X's. Sold the 3 1/2's as I couldn't compress them properly, and the spiggots are starting to show their age on the 2 3/4's as I probably used them for maybe 15 years?) but now I'm no longer obsessed with carp I use prodigy's.
You could say "top of the top", to just off the bottom I suppose.
Doesn't stop me catching fish though :tu:

22-10-2011, 23:32
Do it nice or do it twice !, this is why we spend so much money on carp fishing , ie just buy weed camo carp rigs and you will empty the lake :cool:

the nowed serpent
23-10-2011, 00:23
[QUOTE=Weed-Camo;18049 ie just buy weed camo carp rigs and you will empty the lake :cool:[/QUOTE]

Don't you just wish :think2: ;) Where would be the challenge if we all did that :lol:


23-10-2011, 00:35
"yes I do Wish" . and there would be no challenge just loads of pictures of record breaking carp LOL

23-10-2011, 00:37
"Get on the weed "

the nowed serpent
23-10-2011, 00:39
"yes I do Wish" . and there would be no challenge just loads of pictures of record breaking carp LOL


23-10-2011, 00:50
Had a phone call today , one buyer wanted a deal on bulk buy , he had brought the rigs and caught a 21lb carp pictures to follow . stay with me and I will lead you to carp .xxx Mike

23-10-2011, 00:53
Had a phone call today , one buyer wanted a deal on bulk buy , he had brought the rigs and caught a 21lb carp pictures to follow . stay with me and I will lead you to carp .xxx Mike

Get the deal , get the rig , get the carp , Please use weed camo carp rigs not the other copiers that are now on E-Bay