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jonny vegas
20-10-2011, 18:06
found this whilst surfin net,,

http://www.hiltonangling.co.uk/jackhiltontribute.html :cool:

12-05-2012, 00:44
really really enjoyed the read ... first time ive really read bout pioneers of yonder years lol... found it really refreshing from rigs n boillies n rods n reels etc people mainly talk bout in forums 2day. glad i popped in this forum by chance lol. really friendly guys with a wealth of knowledge ... and who seem so readily eager to part with...who also have guys like you who aint forgot the old pioneers of the art of carp fishing, if theres any books you could recomend i would greatly appreciate your help or links if thats ok.... really facinating thnx. ps rem my dad using tinned potatoes.. wasp grub..docken grub lol.old skool. Gordy

12-05-2012, 08:25
Superb Jv,, thanks for posting that up :cool:

Thankyou for the kind words gordy,, we do try our best here matey! :tu:

23-09-2012, 15:42
Reccommend "Quest For Carp" by Jack Hilton as a good read.....:cool: