View Full Version : Odours on your hands

26-10-2011, 16:18
Are you bothered about odours on your hands?

Petrol, onion, garlic etc etc, do you go to any lengths to hide them?

26-10-2011, 17:42
Yes in a word lol,, Diesel mainly, if im off fishing and im putting fuel in on the way i always wear the gloves the rest of the time i dont bother. I generally just try to keep my hands clean before i do the bait or stick etc, i smoke which some think doesnt help but i dont think its affected my fishing in any way.:cool:

26-10-2011, 17:47
Depends on the odours i think :think2: i smoke but i dont think that tobacco smell is transferred to baits, when cleaning my hands for when cooking or brewing up i use an odourless hand wash that evaporates in a few seconds, i try to avoid soap and things like that when im fishing a long session as i believe that will transfer to your baits.

I wont go to the extent of washing my hands in lake water or rubbing bankside gravel on my hands like some anglers do, its just not a healthy thing to do with all the rat piss that would be about on a lot fisherys.

26-10-2011, 17:53
as garlic and chilli is in a lot of my ground bait mix not too fussed about my hands smelling other than diesal


keith wright
26-10-2011, 20:58
a habit i have always done for yrs is to break and rub a cpl of broken boilies in my hands at the start/during the session .....

26-10-2011, 21:38
only ever been bothered about smells of fuel - ditched my old petrol stove coz of it, and am really careful when fueling up my diesel car en route to the lake (think someone else mentioned this too)

13-11-2011, 22:46
I dont worry to much but then I do fill up my coleman and put Diesel in the van the day before, after using the coleman I always rub and wash my hands with some weed and dirt before touching baits and rigs but thats as far as I go :cool: