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14-11-2011, 14:15
As some of you are aware and some not, the forum carpers retreat has closed down, and after a brief word with the forum Admin/owner smithy, he decided to link his members to here to join up and join in, a good few already have joined and would like to extend a warm CC welcome to those who have joined and those who are yet to join.

I know what its like closing a forum down after the effort and hard work thats put into, so a sad time for the carpers retreat team, but hopefully they can come here and settle in and im sure they will be part of this forums evolution.

So welcome aboard lads n lasses and enjoy the forum here :cool:

All at CC

Jack Sparrow
14-11-2011, 16:22
I would also like to wish any members from carpers retreat, a warm welcome to Craftycarping, Im sure you will enjoy your time here, its a very friendly and helpful bunch here:cool:

Also dont forget to check out the shoutbox at the bottom of the forum, plenty of banter goes on in their especially on a night:cool:


14-11-2011, 17:25
Cheers for the warm welcome lads:cool: We have a new home!:)

14-11-2011, 19:22
BIG warm :wel: to CC forum everyone ,:tu::tu::tu::tu::tu:

14-11-2011, 22:13
Well said john,, Same from myself, glad to have you aboard :cool:

the nowed serpent
15-11-2011, 00:41
:wel: to the CC forum guys, it's good to have some more from this end of the country ;):tu:


15-11-2011, 11:01
Welcome lads :tu:

15-11-2011, 19:59
I was on the admin team at carpers retreat with smithy sad to see it close,but happy that we have found a new home:cool:

15-11-2011, 22:14
Always sad to see a Fishing site finish:td: Happened here but John, after a lot of deliberation, decided to bring Craftycarping back to life, look at it now, doing better than before and getting stronger all the time. Members make the forums as well as Admin and Mods so the more members we have the better.

Welcome to all new members.