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15-11-2011, 22:39
So now the year is drawing to a close, and most anglers have packed up till the new year, how do you feel your 2011 went for you in terms of fishing.?

My own personal fishing got better as the year went on, not without a kick up the arse from my bling bro (cheers keith :tu:)

Was forced into a change of bait after 3 years on my previous bait, that didnt help, so chose my bait and started getting out, days, 24hrs and a 72 session produced nothing for me over a total of 9 sessions, was affecting badly, but it was more me than the bait, which keith kindly pointed out :mrgreen:

So after i knuckled down and started to work at my fishing the results flowed and got closer to the 20 i want of my reg day ticket water with a 19lb new pb for me on the water.

On the social side of my fishing this year, its been great, first was a session with Andy (The Nowed Serpent) down at cleveley bridge fisheries near blackpool, then the may social, and although was a good weekend fish wise, a nasty taste was left in the mouth, then off to merrington with malc(Grumpy) keith (keffus1) and was an enjoyable time, good laugh and a fish caught.

Then the biggie social in september, superb weekend, met loads of new faces aswell as some of the usual suspects :cool:

I do wish i could of got out more than i have, but thems the breaks and bills must come first, but all in all its been an enjoyable 2011 fishing for me.

So i look forward to 2012 and a new challenge on a new water im joining :tu:

15-11-2011, 22:57
I have to say that 2011 has been very disappointing on the fishing front. I say that because I have'nt done as much as I would have liked. However, I have been to a number of socials, 1 at Chad Lakes where I won a prize for the biggest fish caught, one of 5 I think, then the May social at Stanwicks which, although it was great to meet guys from this site, ended up leaving a bad taste after finding out what the organiser did. I fished a social at Yateley, Sandhurst which was very enjoyable, no fish but a good social. The last social was yet again at Stanwick, caught 2 fish, met new faces and had a fantastic time and very much looking forward to many more. Merrington was a good weekend, met John and Keith again, John actually caught a fish:eek:

Horseshoe had problems earlier this year which was a big disappointment for me as I love fishing the place, however, after the re-opening it still isn't fishing too well. I think next year and it will be back to normal and I can get there for a few weekends.

To sum up, 2011 has been great as far as socials went and had it not been for them I probably wouldn't have done as much fishing as I did. Unfortunately when you are self employed and trying to keep a business going everything else doesn't seem to matter and things like fishing have to go on the back burner. Next year I hope things will change, just have to wait and see. I am looking forward to Tall Trees, Stanwick in August, and any other occasions I can fish with the guys on Craftycarping.

the nowed serpent
15-11-2011, 23:21
I'm really pleased with my fishing in 2011 despite not managing to get to any of the large socials on here but had a very enjoyable social at Cleveley with John and GaryT early in the year, the fishing wasn't easy but I was pleased to get my first 20 of the year on a new water ;) Shortly after this I had 2 trips to France in fairly quick succession which were a great success. When I returned to England I got in some serious sessions on my club water with some good fish and next month I'm off to Redmire for a week which is a water I've wanted to visit since I was a kid and I got to see Clarissa at the London Zoo. With any luck I'll manage a session or two before the end of the year to try out some new bait I've got from Tony at Tor Baits which looks the dogs and I can't wait to give it a try on a water I know :tu: hopefully next year I'll get to fish with some of the faces I've yet to meet on here:yes:


16-11-2011, 08:38
I had been fairly pleased with my carp fishing this year, I had joined a small syndicate which I have done quite well on (catching a lot of 20's). I'm still hoping to catch one of the 30lbers from there too although now the weather has changed it currently isn't producing. I've also managed to fish a few day ticket waters too despite the attractions of the syndicate water. Met John and Toby at Stanwicks when I managed to drop by after day out with the wife nearby (quite convenient) and have now got my name down for next years social so looking forward to meeting more fellow carpers. The downside is following the weather change I seem to be struggling to get any fish, and have had a string of blanks which is extremely annoying, currently analysing how to overcome this.

16-11-2011, 10:23
well... upgraded allot of kit this year and have been fairly succesful catching carp up to 27lb, didnt do to much in the first half of the year but have been allot lot more since june, France trip was superb and i really enjoyed having the whole lake to me and me mate, was able to collect up a bit of kit and go stalking all day which proved very fruitfull. The social was superb although i had to nip off to do work i got to meet some of the chaps off the forum face to face. Im enjoying the league we have running and i think its going to hot up next year with bowza making threats and carpbreakout
working hard to catch :cool:.. all in all a great year tbh, roll on 2012 and hopefully an offer of some syndy tickets im after.:cool:

16-11-2011, 11:24
At the start of this year I did not get to fish much as I was low on cash then split up with my gf, I think it was about September before I started getting out on a regular basis as this was when I split with my X and started having a bit more free money for some reason.
When I have been getting out its been up and down fishing as I got back into the swing of things and try some new stuff out.
I think my fishing has improved because back in September I was struggling to get runs and slowly but sorely the fish have started to be banked but even when blanking I was just happy to be on the bank again.
After two very good outings in mid November (24hrs at Crain Hall with John still to go at the end on November) my moral is sky high and I am looking forward with great anticipation to the new year.
I have also spent to me what seems like a lot of money upgrading and replacing a lot of my gear as and when I have had the money to do so.
All in all the fishing started for me in September and its been a very good year but far to short and hope next year I get out a lot more and have some good times on the bank.
Also I would like to just say thanks to all of you that have give me advice, encouragement and helped me with my gear in one way or another.

16-11-2011, 13:46
well my 2011 fishing has ben abit poor on the whole simply because of lack of time on the bank:td:

the club im in the lakes dont normally start fishing till mid april-may time so i spent my time thinking about this years fishing and thats about all i did do thinking about it. think i got my first night of the year around may-june time.

after buying some new rods around july time they are still to be used as i havent done any nights since then on my club lakes.

i would say tho the highlite of my fishing year was taking my son fishing for the first time and overnight as well:D he really enjoyed it and managed a few fish as well and now pesteres the life out of me to take him fishing again.

the outlook:

well after such lack of time to fish this year im going try my best to get out at least once a month next year weather that happens or not is a different matter as the family calender is already starting to look busy. i also would like to take my son a fair bit more but this obvously means my own fishing will be put on the back burner for the next year or 2 i suppose but thats family life for you:cool:

as for socials im yet to attend any simply because my lack of time fishing this year but im hoping i can attend at least 1 next season and finally put faces to names:cool:

16-11-2011, 15:23
Nice and easy to sum my season up - slow!

I started out putting alot of time into my Target water in Feb & March (which is hard at the best of times!) and racked up 20 nights in that time for one lost old warrior which was intent on finding every snag in the lake. I love my winter fishing and enjoyed having the Pit to myself in sub zero conditions so 20 nights of blanking really didnt bother me in the slightest, in fact it made my hunger stronger!

A frosty dawn on the "Snag Pit"

Towards the end of March I started working away in Kent, Travelling home on a Friday then going back on a Sunday afternoon so my Carping took a back seat for a while, it bloody hurt but I missed the wife and boy so wanted to spend every spare minute I had with them.
I had a small break from Work in July for about a month, and first thing on the agenda after a family holiday was to get the rods back out and have a social with a mate on his syndicate water, which was done in style, landing 2 fish which included the "Pretty One" at 31 lb+ whilst he sat next door and blanked his arse off, although he had the last laugh, landing pretty much the whole lakes population in August including the Big Girl and 40 lb+, Good angling "Pete the cooonnnntttt" glad I showed you how to do it ;)

The stunning "Pretty One"

I managed a couple of short day sessions on a small pit, behind the "Snag Pit" landing a nice 20 lb+ Mirror and a load of double figure Tench - rigs were working then! The tench anglers were struggling for a take and there they were annoying me! The baliff didnt know what to make of it seeing me returning double figure Tench whilst effing and blinding!:rules:

Towards the end of July, I ran into financial difficult, it obviously wasnt a good idea taking some time off work, so I had to do the unthinkable and sell my beloved "Torrixs" and "Entohs" along with my trusty Nevilles :mad:

That hurt me more than I had ever been hurt before and Im not ashamed to say I was brought to tears when I handed the Kit over to the new owner.
Shortly after I returned to work again in Kent and was working flat out and after alot of financial juggling managed to replace the sold items with kit of similar value, Smithy was Back!
I had two weeks Paternity leave booked in September so once the new arrival and wifey was given the all clear I grabbed the oppurtunity to do a quick overnighter on the "Snag Pit", I didnt expect to see or catch anything, I had completely lost touch with the pit and hadnt even seen it since March, as expected I finished up with a blank but it was great to be out on the bank again.

Its great to be back behind the rods!

I returned to work in Kent for 4 weeks to finish out the season untill the work run out, which it did at the end of October. So since then Ive managed half a dozen blanks on the "Snag Pit" although I couldnt really expect much luck to be honest, it was just great to be there again, every feature I found & sighting was all logged away ready for next years campaign.

Im going to carry on fishing through the Winter, I absolutley love my winter angling so naturally cant wait for a bit of peace and solitude on those cold frosty mornings, walking up under the Oval with frost on my face.....love it!