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28-11-2011, 20:35
At the risk of boring some of you, I am posting this as all the previous stuff was done on shoutbox, hence gone.

I bought a so called 2.5m diameter brolly from Space Tackle (based in Essex - Andy knows them). Turned out to be 2.05m diameter when put up.

Now being a pedantic old f@rt (with a dodgy back), I decided to see if I could attatch some sides to this to make a shelter to fish with.

First attempt aka Mark1:

Had sides of waterproof material attached by curtain hooks to the spokes of the brolly.

When windy was a problem, so decided to do a few more mods - more attachment points (double) and replace the single central pole with 2 awning support poles that I used with 2 Penn reel screwdown supports held 2 old pod male screws, which then screwed onto 2 old banksticks which in turn inserted into awning poles. This way I could use a bed chair :tu:

Then Mark 3 (and final attempt :lol:)
Added side collapsible fibreglass side supports with externally attached guyropes to aid wind resistance and an octagonal homemade groundsheet:-

Not going any further with this one, but does enable me to stand up inside it, proven and witnessed at Stanwick Lakes 1st social (with a Loo tent attached at rear - no loo in it though, much to some interest in that matter :lol:).

Can't think of anything else to say at the moment, so leave it at that :yes:


28-11-2011, 20:46
Wow, very innovative! Think I would have returned the brolly since not as described and bought a bivvy though.

28-11-2011, 21:40
Rofl i love it,, missed that one but ive seen your other!!:cool:

29-11-2011, 19:18
Sean I have seen your modified brolly and nearly broke me neck tripping over the guy ropes :clol::clol::clol:

30-11-2011, 08:46
way back when I had my first bivvy made by AJ Bulls of guilford the tent makers in those pre commercial bivvy days it went over the standard angling umbrella

I wanted to make the brolly centre pole less but how to support the thing ? tried lots of ideas in the end the winner was got some garden canes glued an eye from a net curtain spring in the end this slipped over the end of the brolly spoke you then crossed the canes so they formed an X on every other panel except the doorway of course then with the bivvy pegged down you could tension the ribs with the canes this made the whole thing self support and you could unscrew the brolly centre pole this was rock solid and storm proof used this for many years