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23-12-2010, 18:26
Wee finished work early today so took a trip to the local tackle shop and thanks to Mr bossman at where i work i now own 2x ATTs alarms and 1x Reciever v2 for the grand sun of 235

got chatting with guy behind the counter about reels for spodding/marking and he highly recommended the Wychwood Riot big pit reel so bought 2 of those too at 50 each again thanks to mr bossman at work .

only problem now is this crap weather stoppin me testgin them out lol

23-12-2010, 18:28
wont be disapointed with the atts's thattill superb alarms :cool:

im a shimano fan when it omes to reels so cant comment on the wychwood reels ;)

23-12-2010, 18:35
tbh i didnt realise just how damn tiny the atts' were was totally shocked by the size tbh.

big trev
23-12-2010, 18:58
does Mr Bossman at work know he dropped his wallet ? Size isnt everything, the atts are alarmingly good for their size (pun intended)

When the ice melts I reckon Western Lawns would be good for a quick trip

23-12-2010, 19:14
We generally get a good tip at xmas Trev last year was 300 before taxman had his share this year was quite a bit more so just took the plunge.

Where is this Western Lawns Trev not heard of it tbh? would probably only be a short day session for me also.

23-12-2010, 19:16
atts's love bad weather remember that :cool: :lol:

23-12-2010, 20:10
Western Lawns is my neck of the woods, Coventry/Leicester area.

big trev
23-12-2010, 20:28
Thats right its just outside Bedworth so it cant be that far from both of you. It has Carp, Cats and Sturgeon and it goes without saying that there are a lot of smaller silver fish in there also.

23-12-2010, 20:29
Just looked it up Trev i'd say bout an hour from me due to living right by the most congested part of the m6 in the midlands lol

26-12-2010, 11:08
Let us know how you get on with the ATTs alarms. I am thinking of getting a set!