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Blackstone Carp
14-01-2012, 14:19
So finally got round on deciding what my last Christmas gift would be. A nice , shiny new Barrow to haul my ever growing kit! I looked at a few including the Nash H-gun, the Porter MK2 and ended up deciding on the Dave Lane Hardcore Barrow from Total Fishing Gear.

OFFICIAL LINKY: http://www.totalfishinggear.co.uk/online...9/no/55996

They also have a review video up. Found underneath the picture via that link.

So my initial thoughts are all good. I must say the price seems reasonable. It lists for 219 Pounds, but is now half off so roughly 119 pounds. Plus shipping it equated about 170 Dollars. Seems a fair price for a good piece of kit, that I plan to use, a lot! From the site I was impressed in that I ordered on a Thursday and it arrived by Monday. I really expected it to take longer coming from across the ocean. The site itself was helpful in that they seem to do videos for most of their products which really helps me seeing as I cannot walk/drive to any shop and see it first hand.

After popping the box open I was immediately impressed. It is lightweight, built of aluminum and folds down quite compact. There is of course some minor initial building when first unpacked. Ya know getting the wheel on, handles, removing foam etc.

My real fear was that having a bunch of folding parts, and/or knobs to tighten adjust would weaken the over all barrow. They seem to have built it quite well however and upon setting it upright the first time I had no doubt that it would serve the purpose quite well. It did not seem frail in any way and I was quite confident loading it up the first time out.

Speaking of which it fit in my mid sized car quite well. Along side my ruck sack, my rod hold-all, my Food/grill/tripod bag, large tackle box, roommate and so on.

After unloading the car it us ready for all my junk within seconds. A simply fold fold, attach handles and your ready to bog it down. It handles again quite a bit of gear, my tacklebox, food bag, rucksack, mat, net, etc and to be honest I had more room still. I may have to buy more gear now! I'm kidding of course..but I'm not...I have had my eye on a few things...

I travel some not so manicured paths. Included in these but not limited to, a fairly steep hill, a good sized gully, some water, roots, brush and more. The Barrow stood up to all of it well and was really steady. I have tried to rig some other things up and they would have gotten stuck, tipped or just been more work then they were worth. This was a breeze. That said, I was a bit tired when I got to my spot. It isn't like the barrow makes the gear weightless, but I would never have been able to get it all there in one trip with such little effort without the barrow.

So there you have it, my initial impressions and I am impressed. Will do a follow up in June or so to let you know how it holds up over time and heavy use. Dave Lane claims it will take a good beating, and I plan to put it through the paces.


14-01-2012, 14:34
Great review that mate, thanks :clap: :tu: