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23-01-2012, 07:54
Drayton Reservoir is known to UK anglers as one of England's premier match fishing venues. It was stocked with 50,000 small carp and these have grown quickly. 9lb (4 kg) Drayton Reservoir carp are commonplace. 20lb (9 kg) carp are caught very regularly with larger specimens available. Anglers are advised to ensure they have angling equipment that can handle the large fish and that they watch their rods and poles; hundreds of rods and poles have been pulled into the reservoir by fish.
British Waterways manage the fishery with bailiffs patrolling every few hours. They provide advice in addition to selling day tickets. There is limited parking by the dam wall and a toilet. With the exception of the dam wall most of the well managed fishing pegs are open to wheelchair access.

above taken from wiki,

with the above plus breeding and deaths, what sort of stocks could be in there now, not the nicest venue or fish, just interested in how a large stock can be maintained


23-01-2012, 08:14
I've fished the place twice (Once on a match and once "pleasure") and it's absolutley rammed with fish, how it sustains such a big population I have no idea:eek: I suppose it's a good place for beginner to go and get a some action but the fish are in horrible condition due to being caught so much. It's about 7 yrs since I last fished it and can't remember catching one fish that wasn't damaged in some way :td:

I don't like this comment "hundreds of rods and poles have been pulled into the reservoir by fish". In my fishing life (Over 30 yrs) I've seen 1 pole and 1 rod dragged into the lake, both due to bad angling.

23-01-2012, 11:23
always fancied fishing there for a winter session to keep the rods bending but its a little to far away from me for a day session.

do you think they will ever take fish out of there if they carry on getting bigger and bigger and also as you have already mentioned the state of the fish?

23-01-2012, 16:03
When the Dam wall sprang a leak it was drained and the majority of fish moved to Naseby res, the leak was fixed and then new fish introduced in their hundreds,, they were then left to be beaten up senseless and ended up looking the same as the lot that were taken, i wont fish drayton on principal, overstocked and poor poor practices by allot of the anglers that go there, and im not funding that,, OOOooooo Contraversial!!!! :clol:

Jack Sparrow
23-01-2012, 16:52
I have only fished this place once last year, it was a works fishing comp, plus its not far from me, the fishing was mad, fish upto about 9lbs virtually every cast, like others have said most fish were a mess, never been back and dont think I ever will either.


24-01-2012, 18:38
Further to my post above... Just happened to watch an episode of Carp Crew, Steve Ringer and Jan Porter were there to demonstrate the Baggin waggler and how Steve has managed to obtain 100+ ton up total weight captures.. Ive no idea how old this episode was but ive gotta say im dissapointed in what i saw, 100lb plus of 6-7lb carp all in one keep net for a start but then Jan Porter fishing for the larger carp off of the decking by the boat end, when i say off the decking i mean practically under the decking which obviouslly is stacked with snags and not to mention the stagings supports themselves.

Now is it just me that thinks that this sort of thing being televised only serves to make other anglers fish irresponsibly? I do fully understand that Steve, ( Who i do actually know as he worked in the tackle shop near me for many years) and Jan are both top match anglers and general all round anglers and have the skill to fish this way but cant help but think that an angler with allot less experience could end up damaging or even killing a fish (loosing and tethering) on the snags.

Im starting to wonder,, am i wrong here or what??!!