View Full Version : Anyone interested in ?

29-01-2012, 19:30
I getting some of the avid retention bars as they are only sold in pairs, i only need the one really for resting my marker & spod on, so is anyone interested in buying the other off me ? you can have the carry bag that comes with them aswell, it will fit any pramhood bivvy with a tube diameter of 20mm or less so most trakker, aqua, or fox pramhood bivvys :cool:

Just let me know


29-01-2012, 22:25
Not something I really need John.

29-01-2012, 22:27
they look the part but got other things i need to buy first:cool:

jonny vegas
30-01-2012, 14:34
sods law,,,, the minute you part with one, you,ll lose or misplace the other john! :D

in your local pound shops, they do packs (6)of velcro cable tidys for a quid!