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brian c
13-02-2012, 18:20
need to get this off my chest.
just seen that that piece of garbage Qatada is about to be released.
our highest court in the land has said its o k to send him back to jordan to face the music for the crimes he has been convicted of.
we then have to listen to some half arsed european court & do as they want.
what is this country coming to?
bail conditions, who is gonna watch him 24/7? no one. is he gonna stick to all the conditions? NO.
the **** needs slotting in my opinion.

13-02-2012, 18:45
yes i mentioned this in the shout box last week, one of his bail conditions he is not allowed to have a mobile phone, so when one of his cronies forgets theirs and leaves it on his table , then what, can he be locked up again, oh and he is allowed to drop his daughter off at school

great britain my arse

we are just a weak European state


14-02-2012, 01:29
Shows how this country is for its own, they let this **** out of prison, a known terrorist, yet we will read in the paper that someone is locked up because they owe 900 council tax..

Great britain Ha ! do me a favour.

Paul F
14-02-2012, 08:18
Human rights only apply to criminals and terrorists. What about our human rights when these vermin do something to us? Sorry, you don't qualify mate!

And by the way, the rest of Europe are bound in by these same human rights.
When a country doesn't agree with them though, they simply break the rules.
The reason for this is that they get a "small" fine (this is actually in the thousands of pounds, not millions) If it's going to cost us 8 million pounds to process this c**t, why don't we just f**k him off (or better still, help him "disappear") and pay the fine? Much cheaper and better value for money!

Human right were invented by lawyers for lawyers.

14-02-2012, 10:31
What gets to me is that this ass gets off so light and this country gos to so much effort to keep his human rights when we let a another corrupted government shot, maim and kill civilians in another country, because more crrupted countrys said no on the vote to help them.
I sit and think WTF has this country becume when we help a know terrorist that the government has described has extremely dangerous and then not help some one who needs it.
Let the fucker go back and face the music, I dont give a dam if his human rights are not observed as he decided his fate when he became a scum bag terrorist.

14-02-2012, 12:18
Please, please delete this thread as if i keep seeing it the temptation to explode and post about the terroists rights act may possibly infringe on my human rights to post by getting me banned.

14-02-2012, 12:52
Please, please delete this thread as if i keep seeing it the temptation to explode and post about the terroists rights act may possibly infringe on my human rights to post by getting me banned.

I've refrained from replying on this thread for the same reasons mate.........it makes my blood boil

jonny vegas
12-03-2012, 20:15
the human rights act is there to protect the oppressed and vulnerable in society from harm,the act has done far more good since its inception

the Qatada,s of this world, and others, will always use this to thier advantage, but remember these are only a minority!!

think back a few decades,,, the IRA, and the damage and murders they carried out, where are they now??

sitting in a european parliament protected by the very laws they opposed!!

12-03-2012, 20:31
Ive give up giving a shit about any of it tbh,, got far more pressing issues closer to home, yep it upsets me about releasing this ****, yep it upsets me that were in the EU and it does nothing but ruin this country, yep i agree with all thats been said about human rights and terrorists murderers rapists all using it to aid their cause... the long and short of it? who gives a flying shit, were never going to stand up to any of it so may aswell just go fishing... oh btw i LOVE my country,, not because of its shite politicians but the british people that try through all the crap to sustain whats left of our tattered reputation and our boys that have been and still are being sent to different parts of the globe but fight under our flag with PRIDE..

Sorry for the rant,, not wanting to deviate the topic just giving my opinion on all the points made thus far.

Brian C.. im with you, Slot the ****, job done.

jonny vegas
12-03-2012, 20:39
Brian C.. im with you, Slot the ****, job done.

this was known as the `shoot to kill` policy, allegedly,, :rolleyes: :lmao: