View Full Version : Not so much Carpy news - But very important all the same

13-02-2012, 23:20

A man has frozen to death fishing the night on a river. I think this highlights the importance of how far we will go to fish and that when winter fishing, anglers must be properly kitted up with a well insulated Bivvy, all the top thermal gear, a source of heat, warm drinks etc.

Sad, sad news.


13-02-2012, 23:24
Very sad indeed :td: so please lads remember wrap up warm and take care out there

13-02-2012, 23:30
Very sad indeed, one of the reasons i will just not bother going when the weather gets to bad. you can think your well prepared and come unstuck.

brian c
14-02-2012, 09:33
once it starts to freeze i personally don`t bother going.
check the forecast before hand so you don`t get caught out.
if in doubt, pack up & go home. there is always another day.
take care out there guys.

14-02-2012, 10:08
Not good at all , very sad way to go


14-02-2012, 12:28
Very sad and sympathy to his family but feel that with all the equipment we have nowadays its totally avoidable.
No need to stop going, just make sure you have the right gear. There is enough information about which equipment is suitable and the weather was not unexpected. If you don't have the right winter gear its just not worth the risk so don't go or fish days.

14-02-2012, 22:51
Some have have the money to buy the gear, but some may not. Sad news and condolences to his family is all I can wish.
But at least he was doing what he wanted to do - can only hope he went peaceably - I'd prefer to go that way than in a traffic accident, if you take my drift...