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jonny vegas
16-02-2012, 20:49

has anyone seen any improvements since the likes of ACA and SAA etc have joined , or is it just more bureaucracy, wasting money?

16-02-2012, 20:56
The voice of the countrys millions of anglers, if you have paid a subscription..

I didnt get to vote who sat on there board, again probably because i havent paid a subscription...

So the voice of the few who choose to part with there cash.. done nothing i can see thats made a difference...

Give it another couple of years of shake ups etc, and they will go the same way as echo. CLOSED.

the angling mistrust ;)

jonny vegas
16-02-2012, 21:08
the reason i asked,, i was a subscribed member of the ACA, because it was something i thought was morally right! they used common law to prosecute polluters,

the SAA ( specialist anglers alliance) was again was something i was involved in, very similar to NASA ( national association of specimen anglers) but more of a political nature, supported by the carp society, catfish conservation group, pike anglers club, etc,

but theres never any mention of any note in any of the angling press!

16-02-2012, 23:27
I don't see anythign they have done for me :rolleyes:

I joined for 2 years in the belief that as anglers we need a voice (I still believe that) but we have a MASSIVE problem, and that's that as anglers we can't agree ourselves what we want.
Coarse anglers, fly fishermen, Carpers, Matchmen to name just 4 differnet aspects and they/we all want a voice in government. We want to know whats happening about pollution, we want to know about predators etc etc and for me it was good money after bad and I've dropped my membership.

C.C. is spot on with not getting asked who went on the board (I didn't either) and those people are making a decent living out of it.........whether it will close as CC says, I'm not sure, reckon it'll keep going for the select few :rolleyes: