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21-02-2012, 20:52
I know it's not a subject everyone wants to talk about but it's something that I've been thinking about for a while.
Last year my girlfriend was taken seriously ill, so serious we got told should wouldn't see the night out when it first happened :o Happily she's still with us and although not fully recovered most things are going in the right direction :tu:

Now, it got me thinking, if she had died, we hadn't talked about what would happen to stuff and so we are looking at making a will.

Has anyone made a will? If so, how easy was it to do?

the nowed serpent
21-02-2012, 21:30
It can be easy or difficult depending on how complicated the bequests are. If you fancy DIY there are many places where you can get obtain Do It Yourself Will packages starting with the Post Office or you can even download them online. If you have a lot of goods, jointly owned property and goods or complicated bequests then go to a solicitor. Some charities even offer a free will writing service with the "encouragement" that you make a bequest to them.


21-02-2012, 23:02
Yes, both me and missus got one. Been meaning to update the probate as they are in South Africa, maybe should just put a codicil in, 'cos the rest is just as was.

As Andy says, if not complicated bequests, diy possibilities abound, and mine is certainly not complicated.


22-02-2012, 00:28
Not something ive thought about to be honest, feel im to young at 39, but should i think about it :think2:

the nowed serpent
22-02-2012, 00:55
There's no age limit on when you can have an accident so if you have any assets or family then you owe it to them to have a will - it's tough enough sorting out when someone dies without it having to go to probate :(