View Full Version : comorant debate on the bbc

22-02-2012, 14:31

have a quick look lads nice to see this long debate now finally be heard on national tv.

22-02-2012, 14:49
Its definatly an issue that needs addresing, its about time!!, i think the hope was that it would balance itself out but clearly its not, i cant see any alternative to culling, but if its driving wildlife from the rivers to hunt local ponds theres a serious problem

jonny vegas
22-02-2012, 16:02
it,ll end up as a lot of talk, with nothing done! how long have they been a problem now??

going off past performance, it,ll be 10 years before the debate `talks` about otters!

22-02-2012, 17:37
Well an interesting article and good to see this issue getting some visibility, however I think it will take more than 1 article on the BBC website to get something to happen. Also taking an opposing view to the RSPB is a difficult task to have any success with because they are very well funded and organised.

As pointed out in the BBC article though, its not just the otters noshing our fish!

jonny vegas
22-02-2012, 19:52
angling is very well funded too!
over 3 million rods licences sold last year, by the very people this is having the most effect on, anglers!

not to mention, The Angling Trust, and the clubs and groups that are paid up members,

on another forum someone mentioned anglersmarching on pariament to highlight the problem of otter predation.

the trouble with angling is apathy, always has been, and unfortunately always will be.