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11-03-2012, 21:41
Few pics of the spot im planning to Pre baiting,
just up to the right is the bank im fishing of (you carnt see the inlet on picture)
ooo and the water is riseen right back up now:lol: :cool:
any tips would be welcome and any advice on any cheap particles in stoke on trent area would be nice :tu:

keith wright
07-04-2012, 06:44
thats a big deep old water ryan, with not a lot of carp in there, i know a lot off the fish came off the other side where the foot bridge is , there a old river bed in the main lake that runs under the bridge..when i was fishing the serp on the way back to the car i used to go watch the fish , off the bridge as they seem to like going into the small pond..think the biggest known fish caught is spot which was around 26lb ,tho i have seen big fish in the pool i`ve just described.. plus its a day only water ...your work will be cut out, and if ya hoping for a lot of runs it wont be coming...good luck if this is still ya plan fella:cool:

07-04-2012, 10:46

I would find a animal feed supplier, look for horse etc, buy a few sacks of maize and mixed seeds, boil it all up and cheap way to pre bait a large water


07-04-2012, 23:38
it just looked a nice little carpy spot what i always use to walk past on my way back from serp, but not sure weather im goin to prebait it yet or not.
also knowing that theres that many carp in there and ive caught one of them would make the catch even better :cool:

i think i can get big sacks of maize cheap asin about 9 for 20 kilo sacks :tu:

only problem is not sure weather cud get down there few days a week as i dont drive :(