View Full Version : liquid molassis

13-03-2012, 20:27
how many people use it? and what do you use it for?
i know its good for soaking pellet is it doog for adding to spod mix ect?:cool:

13-03-2012, 20:30
I tend to use it in groundbait when fishing for Bream and Tench, but Carp love it too.

Can add it to anything really mate :cool:

The Bream do love it though!!!

13-03-2012, 20:32
As dan said good for anything, spod mix, stik mix, soaking baits etc, go to an animal feed company though and buy the 5 litre tubs much cheaper :cool:

13-03-2012, 20:37
i bought a gallon at the weekend john it is a hell of a lot cheaper!
ive started to do my own spod mix so im guna try it in that.

13-03-2012, 20:39
Aye the squirty containers that the bait companies sell are a mahooooosive rip off :td:

13-03-2012, 21:33
Yea great for method mix too, usually just mix it with & good to go!

Only used the van de wot sit, yea rip off!

13-03-2012, 21:51
yep cheap as chips from animal feed place

got 25 ltrs for 5

proper thick stuff to:tu:

13-03-2012, 21:55
now that is a real bargain karl i paid 4 for the gallon which i thought was cheap enough

14-03-2012, 00:45
im in the pet trade its fantastic get all my bait dirt cheap ;p

14-03-2012, 00:56
im in the pet trade its fantastic get all my bait dirt cheap ;p

what deals are you able to sort for us all chris ;) :lol4:

14-03-2012, 01:15
lmfao im sure nothing that you wouldnt find in your local stores for a better price(we are cheap but i should say postage would make it expensive) maple peas, whole maize, pigeon conditioner, bread crumb, trout pellet, halibut pellet, betaine, mega maize, vitalin the list just goes on and on better off looking for places that do horse feeds etc not ya local pets at home lmfao

14-03-2012, 01:16
will take some orders b4 stanwick if anyone wants stuff though ;p

14-03-2012, 10:08
Mixed into Vitalin its really good, use it all the time along with LO 30.

15-03-2012, 00:01
As aid by others, molasses is a good additive to stick/spod mix - just not pva friendly as is water based (unless you cast really quickly :lol:)


16-03-2012, 14:11
Its also worth bearing in mind for those that dont have local access to animal feed places etc, that dark treacle and/or golden syrup is a good molasses substitute :tu:

17-03-2012, 10:29
Awesome stuff this, used to use a fair bit in my method mix's, as the others said if you hunt round the right places you can find it very cheap :cool:

Karls sounds like the cheapest ive ever seen it for. :tu: