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18-03-2012, 09:50
I was speaking to a guy the other day that i used to go carping with many moons ago and he began chatting about a lake he is currently fishing. He goes down twice a week and pre-baits a couple of swims that he has caught fish in the past. He puts down a small bed of bait through the winter months and increases the quantities as the weather warms up, He clears patches of weed through the summer months and through out his 3 yrs on the lake he has caught quite a few very nice looking fish. The problem he has now is there are alot of new members on the lake and even though he pre-baits when there is no-one one on the lake or just the odd regular down there he has been told that as soon as he has finished doing what he is doing people are jumping in his swim to reap the rewards of all his hard work. This is beggining to piss him off a little bit because it seems to be the same few people doing this. Alot of the guys who fish on there do pre-bait there own swims and put in the hard work to catch the fish and as a general rule stick to these swims as they know the fish patrol through these area.

So whats everyone's thoughts on fishing over someone else's pre-baited areas. Sometimes you just can't help it if there is no other pegs free or the fish are only showing in one area and to be honest would be stupid not to fish close to that area. But would you go out of your way to fish over a area that you know has been pre-baited by someone on a regular basis.

18-03-2012, 10:26
if its being fished by people on purpose because they know hes pre baiting it then its out of order, i personally would never fish over someones spots its just etiquette, on the other hand if its a day ticket and people are just fishing the pegs that are known to fish well theres not allot you can do. When i do my pre baiting i generally fill my pockets with stones, gravel, dry mud or whatever i can find and throw that into a few spots on my travels round the lake, thats if theirs people there anyway!, and then put my baits on the spots through my travels on the lake, thats 1 way or the other is to not concentrate my baits just spread it all over the place.

I knew a chap that used to fire a few kilos in every week all over the place and he used to do quite well doing that, the mentality being that they are finding his baits anyway and because its random where they are appearing its giving the fish the impression that its a "safe" food source and also giving him the option of many swims.


18-03-2012, 10:30
The water he's fishing is a club water with around 100 members on the carp lake. To me people that fish other peoples pre-baited swims for no other reason than "because he's already baited it up" just comes down to lazyness. They want to rewards but don't want to put in the extra effort.

18-03-2012, 10:38
A club water.. then its obviously got round that hes prebaiting and if he is doing well then people want a slice of the action,, thats bad form in my opinion, theres nowt you can do about it though except try and throw them offf the trail by using the aforementioned method perhaps... or take a dump in the peg, that will put em off fishing there! :clol: :clol:

18-03-2012, 10:40
I don't do pre-baiting because I don't fish any waters on a regular basis and I couldn't afford it anyway.
If I turned up at a water knowing that a swim had been pre-baited I wouldn't go out of my way to fish that swim on purpose, but if that's the only swim to fish then yes I would fish it. If the angler came to me and moaned about the fact he's pre-baited and wanted me to move, I wouldn't. 1st come and all that, harsh though it may seem to the pre-baiter.

18-03-2012, 10:49
Par for the course on club and day ticket waters - Would probably even get it on syndicates. All about Etiquette - Not enough anglers have it.

jonny vegas
18-03-2012, 12:55
i,m lucky in the fact that only 9 of us are allowed to fish one of my lakes! and pre-baiting certainly paid off for me last year, baiting wider areas instead of spots. this is something i,ve already started doing in lesser amounts. (with no success as of yet)

although, one `angler` in particuler would jump on someones alses baited area!

he did this 2 seasons ago and was bombarded with a torrent of abuse by me!!

he sheepishly moved off it, in shame! the other lads dont and wont!

as previously said, its all about Etiquette, which is sadly missing in angling these days.

day ticket and busy club waters, are a different proposition, where swims are busy most of the time, and thats a risk you take unfortunately

18-03-2012, 16:29
Yeh agree with others, if its done on purpose the its out of order, but a club water with 100 members in the club, seems unavoidable that someone will be in the peg you have pre baited from, especially if its a popular water.

I bait spot up on basford when i go, i put quite a bit in to fair aswell, ut i know its pot luck if i can fish that spot and take the chance, theres only been once that ive not been able to fish it, so been quite lucky in that respect, but i know my bait is in there and the fish will find it.

18-03-2012, 17:46
To me it depends on what the "pre-baiter" expects

He's prebaiting the swim twice a week, does he expect that swim to be kept free for him? If yes, for how long?

As already said it's bad ettiquette for people to jump on his hard work but surely it's selfish to expect other anglers to leave a swim just for him if it's for a prolonged period of time, especially if it produces fish.

Prebaiting gives you no right to fish a certain swim:cool: