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the nowed serpent
20-03-2012, 01:21
Well now that the so called killer shrimp has somehow jumped from either Grafham or the two South Wales waters (which were supposedly the only waters to contain them) to that great open system the Norfolk Broads what do you think the chances are of containing them before they devastate British waters :think: This little blighter is capable of ruining more fisheries than otters and signal crays put together but because of its size it has had very little publicity even amongst the angling fraternity. Just goes to show how important it is to thoroughly dry nets, mats and slings between visits and will this lead to an upsurge in disinfectant dips at fisheries which seem to be found on less and less waters probably because to keep them at efficient levels they need constant monitoring and topping up by bailiffs which can get expensive :!:



20-03-2012, 01:53
Read something about this a few days ago, but it wasnt to do with the norfolk broads, i will try and find the article i read and put the details up.

I think youve touched on it already andy that the disinfectant dips are really a waste of time, and the best measure is leave your nets in the open after the session, it doesnt have to be a bright sunny day for uv rays to work there magic on nasties.

the boffins will find a cure no doubt, but at what cost, thats the question :think2:

the nowed serpent
20-03-2012, 02:52
They have now been found in Barton Broad, didn't realise they had also been found in a fifth water - that's not good news :(


20-03-2012, 13:54
the club im in were notified about this problem around a year ago by english nature as we have SSSI lakes on our card. They are very keen to stop the spread of this shrimp. They sent us a load of posters and info to put up on our club boards and some info for every member in the annual news letter.

i beleive there is also some funding for things like net dips and even purchasing nets to keep on site.

so if you have a SSSI site on your club card contact english nature for more info.

20-03-2012, 15:34
Who dreamed up the name "killer shrimp" and why is it a killer? If it wasn't so serious I think it would be funny, does it kill lone anglers? :evil:

20-03-2012, 16:09
Who dreamed up the name "killer shrimp" and why is it a killer? If it wasn't so serious I think it would be funny, does it kill lone anglers? :evil:

dont know mate where the names come from but if you talk to english nature about them they are 'deadly' serious about them lol.

when we heard the name we thought they were going to be some 3ft long filler waiting in the margins to pounce on an angler:D

20-03-2012, 18:36
Cheers for that info,, i will pass it on to phil at stanwick in case he doesnt know already :cool:

24-03-2012, 14:32
On a slightly different tack (as usual), how big do these grow? Do they taste good :lol4: ?