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23-03-2012, 21:32
Right,, here is a list of all the venues we know to be fully registered for carp angling in france, we are adding to this list as we go so any suggestions please feel free to submit the venue name and their Siret number which should be displayed on their website in the thread found below the stickys :cool:

Genesis Lakes, http://www.genesis-carpfishery.com ~ Siret No 512 139 759 00017

Etang de Planchon www.carp-fishinginfrance.com ~ Siret No 524 797 065 00017

Etang De Kingshaw www.etangdekingshaw.co.uk ~ Siret No. :- 514 460 963 00010

Rushes Lake SARL Lac des Nouys http://www.rusheslake.com ~ Siret No. 43027502400015

Le Moulin du Mee (including Poppy's lake) www.carpdreams.com blog at carpdreams.wordpress.com Siret number
(1 of 2)75069928200018

Lac Les Pins www.carpanglersparadise.com ~ Siret No. 48330207100012

Moulicent - www.moulicent.co.uk ~ SIRET No 50239044600016