View Full Version : Mounting dog biscuit mixers for surface fishing?

06-04-2012, 18:58
In the past I have used enterprise imitation mixers with the shot in the bottom and a size 10 hook. I have caught quite a few fish with them but I noticed they spook off them a lot so I started hair rigging real mixers and found I caught far more with them. I don't know why as the hook ends up below the bait?! Surely it's visable?
If you saw my catch report your see I foul hooked a fish with this method I think it was due to the hook being in the water rather than out(enterprise style) and now want to change it.

I have been experimenting the sink today and can't get the set up I want.
I have used a bait band to have a hook one side of mixer and a shot the other but the whole lot sinks!
I then put a bit of zig rig foam
between hook and mixer to make that side more buoyant but it ended up on its side.
So anyone any ideas?
How do you fish with mixers?



06-04-2012, 19:09

I only use mixers as free offerings, my hook bait is normally a cut pop up, of plastic fake biscuit, I also use the thinnest hooks I can find and just pierce the pop up or fake biscuit, or mount on a hair about 2 inches from hook


06-04-2012, 19:10
oh and another thing, I will also put a pva mesh of biscuits on the hook to aid with casting longer distance


06-04-2012, 20:03
Get a little groove in the biscuit using or file or something, and glue the shank of the hook to the biscuit :cool:

10-04-2012, 15:15
I have just discovered bakers meaty meals. Which are a soft dog biscuit which are hook able they are 1.80 in tescos at the mo. Hopefully there the answer to my problems. Will be giving them a go next time I am out!

10-04-2012, 16:19
I hair rig mine, either drill them or pu a few in a box and add a little water to soften tem up a little.

Also what hooklink are you using? Drennen Double Strength is nice and fine and perfect for floater fishing :tu:

10-04-2012, 18:43
I use the fake versions but use the smallest sizes in the packet without the shot in them. The bigger 1s in the packet I cut down to the size I want I have found the smaller pieces the fish seem to take more confidently. Also some little gems I have are the partridge imitation dog biscuits that I guard very well these are the closest I've seen to a real dog biscuit and sit just spot on but don't think they make them anymore which is a real shame.