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13-04-2012, 19:00
So what is "old skool" fishing, is it the tackle you use? the methods you use? your train of thought on fishing? the bait items you use?

What is the benchmark for "old skool" fishing?

I hear a lot of people say i fish or fished using such and such an item or items of tackle, is that all there is to old skool?

There are anglers who are older than others, an example i was born in the 70's started fishing the 80's, so the 80's for me are considered old skool years. :think2:

thoughts please.. what is "old skool"

13-04-2012, 19:20
For me I class "Old Skool" as the days when carping was very new, no named fish and a 20lber was a real lump!

I fish with a guy who started carping late 70's and his tales of stuff like putting stones on the spools with a tin underneath as there was no alarms then. Using Argos sunloungers for a weeks fishing with a "normal" fishing umbrella.........in Winter :o
Side hooking potatoes before the hair rig was used, before boilies were as available as they are now.

To me that's "OLD SKOOL"

Now, I will also add, I do think at times some people do look back at those days through rose tinted glasses, what would you rather have

Old umbrella / Sunlounger OR Bivvy / Bedchair

etc etc

I'm sure a lot of old skool folk will say they'd prefer the good old days as banks were less busy, and it was "proper" fishing.....whatever that is:eek:

jonny vegas
13-04-2012, 21:09
i started by int 80,s,, first rods were glass conoflex 2lb tc with a pair of sunridge reels, that looked very similar to 55,s,:D a pair of optonic with a hush hush conversion,;)

back then it was a sunlounger with the rachet back,:o and a wavelock brolly,

oh by the way,, a 20 pounder is still a lump to me now!;):tu:

Paul F
13-04-2012, 21:38
Yeah the rose tinted glasses do come out a bit for some of us old gits :D
I know I'm going on a bit of a tangent, but it's Friday night and I'm a bit bored ;)

I would say that the only real advantage about the "old days" was the lack of other carp anglers on the bank! It was actually nice to be part of a small band of oddballs :cool:
But if you think carpers are despised by the masses now, it was certainly worse then. Lots of small clubs were trying to get the carpers banned off the waters, as every little club seemed to have a posse of match anglers with mates on the committee.
I liked the fact that you could wind in and wander off stalking with one rod though, and bait up 3 or 4 swims and no one would drop in them as soon as your back was turned:o
But if you went on a new water, no one would talk to you for three months (and some never would) or until you started catching more fish than them :rolleyes:

I only go back 20 odd years, so even that isn't really "old school". People originally thought of carp as uncatchable. that was because the baits were totally crap!!!:o:D Potatoes.........I ask you!? Pastes that either dissolved off the hook, or went rock hard and you couldn't strike through them! I'm glad the hair had been thought of, I can tell you :D

Tackle is also much better now than it was then, and although expensive now, was probably more so compared with wages back then (except for bivvies - has anyone else noticed the price of fe*kin' bivvies? What the hell is all that about? I've owned cheaper cars!) Having said that, I spent well over a weeks wages when I bought my pair of original Infinity X's :o
I thought monkey climbers were the pinnacle of bite detection, and then HANGERS came out!!!! Fantastic lol.

For the access to decent fish, the tackle and the bait, I prefer things as they are today.
For the carp fishing "experience" as a whole, I would go back 20 years and put up with the crap tomorrow :tu:

13-04-2012, 21:55
I thought monkey climbers were the pinnacle of bite detection, and then HANGERS came out!!!! Fantastic lol. :tu:

One of the 1st bits of kit I got after rods were monkey climbers when I 1st started carp fishing back in old days (lol old days I like that).
It frightens me to think about some of the rigs ppl used as carp safty was versaly unheard of and to cast any distance you would need a shock leader with about 6lbs main line.
The only thing I miss from that time, like a few of you have said was that lakes had less carp anglers on them. I also miss my cousins who I always used to fish with and I have not seen him for years.
If I could go back in time the only thing that I would change would be not stoping fishing for so long as I stoped when I was 16 and only got back into it in 2004.

jonny vegas
14-04-2012, 02:21
i think the old school mentality is the better side of angling, not just carping,, the imformation wasnt so readilly avaible then, which was a good thing cos it made you think for yourself!!
they say neccessity was the mother of invention,, how can young anglers learn to thing for themselves when they can wait for the next dvd due out the month after :confused:

yes,, i am old an school/retro, angler but a can sort things out for myself,,, on the bank,,,, without the aid of a dvd,,, having said that,,,, the first few underwater dvd,s were a real revelation and dispelled a lot of old theories, but now beacause of technoligy,, the internet makes it so,, so easy,,,, i just wishe somebody would tell the carp that!! :tu:

23-09-2012, 23:04
Old School for me is cane, pins and the only nod to a modern era is the hair rig and hooks... otherwise I use floats or running leads, & mono hooklinks:cool:

01-10-2012, 16:15
what you need to remember also is that those DVD's either subtly, or overtly, are there you steer you into buying a certain brand of products..... As the saying goes there's no such thing as a free lunch.... "yup we'll show you how to catch and we'll do it using our own rigs tackle and other products"

a cynical outlook...? well yes to a degree, but then having said that, I notice a lot of folk using retro kit.... and TBH I think it's because the tackle of years ago is still good, still relevant and in all honesty no worse at the job than the newer more expensive kit....

folks have slowly cottoned onto the fact that the last 3 feet of your end-game is the bit that does the damage and rig up accordingly... it matters not that your cane or fibreglass rods are 30-40-50 years old... they still work.... and if they put your thoroughly modern rig in the right place every time, what price an Infinity DF and a Basia then...?

01-10-2012, 16:48
...the last 3 feet of your end-game is the bit that does the damage and rig up accordingly... it matters not that your cane or fibreglass rods are 30-40-50 years old... they still work.... and if they put your thoroughly modern rig in the right place every time, what price an Infinity DF and a Basia then...?

Wise words...

02-10-2012, 16:33
Well I've been doing it for 50 years, so I should've picked up an idea or two along the way:p

(doesn't help when I'm blanking me arse off tho:()

(Gotta try and convince the wife that I need a new cane rod this year..... must bank me some brownie points....:p)

02-03-2013, 22:18
My old Beanstick is in dire need of a rebuild..... I've heard of Agutter's in Kent, are there any other Rod builders/refurbishers that you guys use that you can recommend....??? I'm going a bit stir crazy not being able to use me stick and pin gear,,,,:(

02-03-2013, 22:39
Well old bean

Have a look at your last Rolling Question and spot the difference :lol:


02-03-2013, 23:39
Old Skool..............gear that was launched or available when I was a teenager, so that means The Ark as my dingy, Papyrus rods and dinosaur eggs as boilies.:)

Hang on.....that's what Sean uses nowadays!!!

02-03-2013, 23:55
Hang on.....that's what Sean uses nowadays!!!


Hehe - Now where did I put that papyrus :think: With human blood and charcoal shall I inscribe thy fate - Beware the Ides of March - Et tu Brute :rofl:


04-03-2013, 14:24
Having fished around the same time as of a lot of anglers who have pioneered fishing.

Seeing the (back then) new ideas actually being used on same lake I was fishing.
i.e: when back leads were first used, it took me a day to work out what some anglers were doing and why, back then it was all :whisp:

04-03-2013, 15:09
still is for some mate:p

the nowed serpent
04-03-2013, 16:11
That's the good thing about a forum like this - No Secret Squirrels :yes: ;)


jonny vegas
05-07-2013, 17:22

super xl,s,, diawa whisker kevlars, 2 3/4 su,s, baboons,, and solar satelite system! :cool:

05-07-2013, 20:33
Now this is Old Skool.... real Old Skool

http://i499.photobucket.com/albums/rr353/labelblue/20130609_111429_zpsd2ca6afe.jpg (http://s499.photobucket.com/user/labelblue/media/20130609_111429_zpsd2ca6afe.jpg.html)

The Unnamed Angler
14-02-2016, 08:36
I guess old school is different for each individual as it takes us back to when we started?

I first started fishing in the mid to late 60's, my older brother and me would get the bus to Ruislip Lido persuing the then (to us) elusive roach.

We had limited gear starting out with bakerlite centre pins on cane trout rods, we didn't know at the time they were trout rods, my dad came home with them. we progressed to glass rods, black prince reels and a dodgy knotted mesh landing net.

They were great days though, and sowed the seeds for my love of angling.
I started carp angling in the late 70's, and my gear was very basic to say the least.
I was using a pair of glass pike rods, with Mitchell reels, and an undersized landing net.

I got married young, and soon after starting carping, i found out i was to become a dad. So the fishing got put on hold until the early 80's.

Those were really my old school days but, looking back, my 80's and 90's fishing seems quite old school now too!

The most exciting times in my carp fishing were early 80's, going to the Carp Cellar in Watford.
Lot's of bespoke stuff available, lots of characters in there, and real good memories for me.
After that Middlesex Angling, as my mate, the late Keith Selleck and his partner Jim ran it, and was a great place to see new tackle ideas and again some real characters.
Also used to go into Harefield tackle from when it first opened, the original shop was around the corner from the current one, and much smaller.

I used to nag John Chapman to stock more carp gear, but back then it was very much more match orientated.

Great times and memories though, still go into Harefield Tackle now, and it's going strong thankfully :cool: