View Full Version : Gardner bugs bobbins

14-04-2012, 21:46
Does anyone use these? I been using them for the last month or so.
I was taken in by the Gardner video where they use they use then for both slack lining and tight lines.

They work well as a running bobbin
but they should grip the line between the ears when slack lining. Mine don't grip they fall off very easily even when with the rubber bands on the top setting.
Any ideas?



14-04-2012, 22:11
Send a mail to Gardner mate, their customer service is brilliant and I'm sure they will be more than willing to help :)

14-04-2012, 22:37
Yea it's got to be worth a email

brian c
15-04-2012, 09:24
sam, if you are unhappy with the gardner bugs & decide to replace them with something else then have a look at the ones available from MCF.
the flipper bobbins they do can be used for either slack line fishing or as traditional bobbins.
they have 2 line clips & both are adjustable. they can also be fitted with bike style chains so as to counteract wind so no more false bleeps.

17-04-2012, 17:55
Cheers Brian just had a look at the MCF stuff very trick wish I had got them now . Gonna try to get the bugs working before I buy any more.