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02-05-2012, 21:30
ive joined my new sydincate lake for this year, ecton complex on clover lake it is a 6 arce natural pit

what is the best way approaching the lake as never have fished it before?

any advice or tips on how to go about it would be appricated

02-05-2012, 21:41
6 acres, not too big then. Syndicate, so no rush to get the rods in. If it were me I would just take my Polaroids, binoculars, note pad and pen and do a lot of walking. Watch the water, ask questions to other Anglers but don't take their answers as gospel, they may not tell all sort of thing. Look at the swims to get an idea of the ones fished the most. In other words take time to get the feeling of the lake and surrounding area. Do your homework, be patient and the rewards will come.
Good luck.


02-05-2012, 21:47
Agree with Malc.

As i dont know the venue at all, Malcs plan sounds a good un.

When you say its a natural pit, i presume its full of natural food aswell ?, if thats the case then i would find some spots and start trickling the bait in to get the fish confident on what you will be using, before even putting a rig in the water.

02-05-2012, 21:47
no not to big to be honest, but got a feeling the fish will have their own routes etc an will be full of feature an looking how clear the water is very weddy too! any approach to fish a real weedy water?
depths average from 4ft through to 12ft

02-05-2012, 22:11
Clear and weedy, nice. Sounds like you have a challenge on your hands. You said it yourself, the fish have probably got their routes, you just got to observe the water, find when they feed etc. If there's any bird life, watch the birds, when fish feed they will sit there and wait for the bits to surface when the fish feed. You can create feeding areas in weed by introducing bait in particular spots, in time the fish will make clear areas. At the end of the day it's just time and patience Scotty, you'll win eventually.
Forgot to ask.....Is the water well stocked or not?

02-05-2012, 22:18
Yep it holds a reasonable head of fish malc,, its a cracking water, snags bars, plataeu's its got it all tbh.

As the others have said tbh scotty,, lots of observation, note taking, start trickling your bait in and make sure youve got everything pinned down and you should be reet mate :cool:

Paul F
02-05-2012, 22:29
Get up the trees if you can with a decent pair of polaroids on! Spend a few hours up there on a clear day. 10 minutes is no good!
Make friends. Syndicates are not like day ticket waters. Don't tell everything you see to all immediately, but share info with other anglers. If you are helpful and open, most syndicate members will be the same with you. If you are lucky, it can become "anglers against the fish" on this type of venue (as it very occasionally does on ultra hard venues like Smiths, where the same group of people put a lot of time in) the pressure is usually off to steam down for a peg on Friday night, and you SHOULD meet at friendlier type of carper!
Good luck!:tu:

03-05-2012, 08:29
I have fished both the big lake (ecton) and clover my advice would be look for the close in spots there are plenty of them and they do tend to get ignored.There are plenty of fish in there and alan has taken quite a bit of weed out watch the bird life dont make baiting obvious or they will eat every bit of bait including hookbaits good luck its a cracking little water:cool: