View Full Version : starmers baits.

11-05-2012, 12:40
locally in essex we have starmers they produce bilies and pellets mainly and very keen prices too. if bought from marriage"s in chelmsford they are 5.50 for 900grams and halibuts are 5.05 for 2 kilos or 58 for 20 kilos. marriage"s do not sell boilies other than in 900 grams but starmer baits does direct.. marriages do not deliver multi items at all. all in all marriages prices are the cheapest in essex (i get the impression there is an association between starmer and marriage"s )thats just an opinion as marriage"s prices are in fact cheaper than buying direct from starmer (!)
Which is really odd that a shop is cheaper than buying direct ...
The company sells everything yu could imagine in particle baits and they also sell horse and all domestic animals food..