View Full Version : Could this fish be the next UK record?

16-05-2012, 21:41
At exactly 62lb, this huge mirror is the biggest known carp in the UK.

Danny Harmer caught the fish, known as the ‘Big Girl’, at Kent’s Elphicks Fisheries North Lake during a four day session.

The fish just seems to keep putting on weight and could eventually break the UK carp record.

Stunning fish i think you will agree :cool:

16-05-2012, 21:49
Yes a big fish that. Looks like a Simmo to me, if so then I'm not surprised it keeps putting on weight.

brian c
16-05-2012, 22:05
this fish is also known locally as "the pig" for obvious reasons.
it is a true eating machine & will most likely break the record within the next 2 years if not this year.
there has been some lengthy debates as to its origin from the so called "purists in the carp world & this led onto the inevitable discussions about the legitimacy of the British record should the fish eventually break it.
personally, good luck to whoever catches the old girl if she eventually goes over the record.:cool: