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09-06-2012, 13:39
101lb beasty from Aqua lake in hungary..:o

09-06-2012, 13:57
That is some kind of fish, awesome. Good to see a big fish caught in a different country than France.

I take it this fish has been verified as a world record, not that it really matters to me and probably not to the Angler.

09-06-2012, 15:13
Awesome fish and agree with Grumpy it's nice to hear of massive fish from soemwhere else, I think most people thought either the Graviers or Rainbow fish would be first to do a ton:tu:

Slightly different note but I do think it detracts from the great capture that fish was stocked into that lake at a big weight and hasn't got that big just in there which is a shame. Having said that it still has had to feed on good stuff to get that size and I'm sure the captor will be buzzing for a long time.............well done him :tu:

09-06-2012, 15:50
The first i saw of it was on the official Anglers Mail facebook page, before it started filtering through on various other anglers and companies pages, so it seems pretty legit to me, although i don't think it is 'official' yet as it will be subject to having scales checked etc.

However the capture of this fish does not surprise me in the slightest :cool:

I predicted when Carp cracked 90 a few years ago that a 'ton upper' would be caught by 2015 :cool: However for it to come from another country is simply brilliant. Alright some of the record breakers in France are awesome creatures, but you know what to expect with them and it gets kinda boring in my opinion.

So, good on the angler, pretty exclusive club he's in right now :lol:

Carp addiction
10-06-2012, 20:27
My turn next lol super carp tho, well done to the angler :(

Carp addict
11-06-2012, 21:04
What a creature! Bet they get booked up quick now! I know what you mean about big stocked fish but i recon almost every french commercail gained there stock from the river systems, not all but a fair chunk!
Bet his mates will never hear the end of that! Superb fishing lucky bugger!


the nowed serpent
11-11-2012, 21:25
Just heard that a new World Record Common has been caught by Big Eric "Smudger" Smith at 91 lb :o from Rainbow not seen any pics yet.


11-11-2012, 21:26
Heard about it earlier on today - Must be Lockeys fish.

12-11-2012, 10:52
Saw this being bandied about on twitter - still no pics yet, but what a hippo!

12-11-2012, 23:27
read about the 101 couple of months ago on line... the guy who caught it had been targeting this fish a couple of years so good on him... and ... theres reportedly bigger fish than that in the lake.. the mind boggles.. and the guy is german by the way

16-11-2012, 21:16
Copied off Crowys F/B page


]Spiegel Magazine congratulates Eric Smith with his new world record common carp from Rainbow Lake.

On November 11th Eric Smith caught a new World Record Common
Carp at Lac de Curton (Aka Rainbow Lake) France. He caught the fish which is named after himself Eric’s Common. The carp had the incredible weight of 91lb and was his fifth capture of this carp.

He first caught the fish in May 2007 at a weight of 59lb 15oz – just short of the magical sixty.
Then in September 2008 at a weight of 68lb 4oz. His third capture was in September 2009 at a weight of 70lb 4oz. Followed by the fourth capture in June 2010 at 72lb 9oz. When he happened to mention that he caught the fish four times in the past. The other anglers then said it has to be called Eric’s Common. Last year the fish didn’t see the inside of his landing net and by October 2011 it was already at a weight of around 84lb and by December it was 88lb. Eric knew by 2012 it was destined to break the 90lb barrier but never dreamed that it would happen to him.

After a few fishing trips finishing in September 2012 the fish had eluded his net once more. But then came a phone call for a trip in November. The question was asked what peg? 1/2. Oh go on then he said, I might even catch the big common.

The trip was booked from the 3rd untill the 17th of November. Eric made a phone call to Alan Taylor and asked him to join him which he jumped at the chance. The start of the session was with three days of heavy rain and the start of flu for Eric. He spent the first five days of the session in his bivvy being ill and then finally he got his rods out on the Wednesday.

After two days of fishing on the Friday he decided to change a long range rod closer to deeper water were he seen fish jumping and rebaited the area. Then on the Sunday morning at 11:15 the bobbin dropped back, with that Eric picked up the rod and wound in the slack line and at first he thought it was a bream but after two minutes he realised he had something heavy on and that the fish was swimming towards him. Alan came over and got the net ready and after several minutes the fish was in the net. When netted Alan laughed and said itīs an eighty looks like Lockeyīs Common with that Eric put the rod down and looked in the net and said no itīs my common.

Eric caught the fish using a kilo of boilies and his own white Tigernuts. More information about his capture will follow soon.[/COLOR]
If all the above is correct, the fish put on over 30lb in 5 years! :eek:

17-11-2012, 14:21
Thats some serious growth rate!! well done to him. :cool:

17-11-2012, 16:47
No way I could pick that up that record fish.
A mat shot for me :D

17-11-2012, 16:56
Some lump that :clap:

17-11-2012, 17:26
No way I could pick that up that record fish.
A mat shot for me :D

you lay on the floor we'll lay the fish on yer tum and take the pic from above.... job done:cool::p

17-11-2012, 19:12
Damn, that is one big fish!! It must have been eating something similar to Sean's protein packed baits!

17-11-2012, 19:37
He had it on double pinkie on a size 22 on the pole at 8 mts:p:p:p:p:p:p

17-11-2012, 20:15
That would be match fishing in East Anglia!

17-11-2012, 21:12
Thats specimen hunting in Essex....:cool::p my idea of match fishing is (was) a single joker on a size 30 on the Lea relief.....such a long time ago......!!!!

Crackin' common tho.... as big as the missus's arse:cool::p

18-11-2012, 16:43
Been announced the ladies World Record has been broke from Abbey Lakes

84lb 5oz


18-11-2012, 23:10
Seen this on facebook earlier, nice fish.

Though i cant understand why theres a womens world record to be honest, theres no mens world record is there :conf:

For me there should be 1 world record male or female.

19-11-2012, 10:24
God that common has piled on the weight - reckon that Lance Armstrong has been responsible for its "diet" he he

21-11-2012, 16:22
Not a record but rather than start a new thread will post it here.

Damien Clarke with the scarred fish from La Graviers 93lb+ :cool:

the nowed serpent
21-11-2012, 16:34
Now that's some kipper :cool:


26-11-2012, 20:25
It's on F/Book the Common record has gone again (91lb 6oz)


After a 5 year campaign, German angler Mario Winnikes has netted his dream in the shape of 'Mary' at a new common carp world record weight of 41.45kg (91lb 6oz). Mario used a snowman hookbait presented on size 4 ESP Carpgear Raptor Long-Shanx hook to land the land the huge carp from a gravel pit in Germany.

keith wright
26-11-2012, 21:52
thats one large common.....:cool:

26-11-2012, 22:05
got to love Photoshop!!! :lmao:

Thats a mahooosive fishy!

29-11-2012, 11:15
The Giant at Gigantica has been out at a rather large 92lb. This fish has done some growing!