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10-08-2012, 20:23
A lad i know in the Hull area had his gear stolen last night, from his van :td:

Gear consisting of Mini Lakestar Baitboat, Trakker Tempest, Aqua Luggage, Cannon 350d, Fox ntxrs etc. All quality gear.

Reward for any info that leads to recovery.


10-08-2012, 20:55
Never a nice thing to happen, regardless of the quality, but to be honest leaving gear in a vehicle overnight is just asking for trouble. Hope he gets all his gear back but somehow, sadly, I don't think he will:td:

10-08-2012, 21:13
Sad for him, but as said target gear in unoccupied vehicle - recipe for disaster, sadly :td:

Thankfully, so little of my tackle would be desirable, I can leave it in impunity.

Not so on the bank however - a fox managed to drag one one my bait bags away at Frant Lakes :o

Did not anticipate that - fortunately nowt of value in it - pva hook nuggets, loaf of stale bread, some groundbait but annoyingly, my Fathom snail boilies :angry: Ah well, such is life and fishing as a subset thereof.....


11-08-2012, 00:36
I don't have high-end gear or expensive rods etc but I have invested in Korda Cover (Steel) in case my stuff gets nicked or damaged.

Cost per year: 177

I'd rather pay that and have peace of mind knowing I can replace my gear.

13-08-2012, 10:59
Sad news indeed that why i don't leave my tackle in my car overnight.

13-08-2012, 16:23
Hindsight is wonderful thing unfortunately :( :td:

18-08-2012, 15:06
Its not the fact that someone has stolen just your gear, sometimes there is a knock on effect, as mine was taken a few years ago. I've only be able to get fishing again this year as it knocked me for 6. I did contemplate giving it all up for good. I had never sold any of my gear in 36yrs so you can imagine how much i had and its not just the money it little bit and bnobs that you used to use as a boy.

The problem is can you honestly say you wouldnt buy something from a car boot sale and ask no questions???