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12-11-2010, 13:50
The choice of the rod you are going to use is very important. There are plenty different types of carp fishing rods on the market every one made for a specific way of fishing and playing fish on. You will mainly find 3 kinds of carp fishing rod to choose from every one of them designed for a specific type of fishing.

You will often see other anglers or tackle shop owners mention a rods test curve when you are looking to buy one. A test curve is determined by how much weight it takes to bend the rod through 90 degrees. The most common used test curve is 2.5lb which is normally used for close to medium range fishing. If you are looking to fish long distances then a 3lb to 31/2lb test curve rod would probably be more useful.

[center:2i2q47pc]The 3 main types of action on rods.[/center:2i2q47pc]

[center:2i2q47pc]A through action rod.[/center:2i2q47pc]

These bend through the whole length of the rod and you can often feel the rod bend underneath the handle. This specific type of action in a rod is for playing fish with the greatest safety margin rather than being used for a casting tool. These rods tend to feel much nicer when playing fish and are a much easier to use.

[center:2i2q47pc]Medium action[/center:2i2q47pc]

The bend on these rods starts around 2 thirds of the way down the rod. This gives a nice bend on the rod while there's still power left in the butt to control a very good fish. These rods certainly give a much greater safety margin when playing a fish but at the loss of some casting distance. This type of rod is the one that is recommend by most tackle shops as a first rod.

[center:2i2q47pc]Fast tip action[/center:2i2q47pc]

These often feel really stiff ( often reffered to as broom handles ) as they bend only in the tip section with the other joints staying rigid. These rods are intended for fast pick up and long casting. The disadvantage is that each movement the fish makes tends to get transmitted down the rod blank to the hand. There is also no cushion if the fish makes a sudden burst while it is being netted, this can result in your line breaking or a hook pull.

Ultimatley the choice of your fishing rod is down to you and your personal choice, but before you plump for the nicest looking or the one you have seen in a magazine as the next best thing, talk to any friends you know who go carp fishing and the owners of tackle shops, get many opinions from different places as seeing what a few people think rather than just 1 can be very helpful in making your choice.