View Full Version : First carp of the year!!

26-02-2011, 20:46
Fished a short evening session on a local park lake yesterday and caught my first carp of 2011.

We arrived at the lake at 4.30 yesterday afternoon with high hopes with it being so warm for the past few days. Suprisingly there was only one angler on the lake and our hopes were shattered when he said he hadn't had a fish all day. We decided to stay anyway and give it a go.
At around 7.30 i had a slow take on my left hand rod. After a 5 minute battle i slipped the net under a nice 15lb 14oz mirror.


A couple of hours later the same rod tore off and a scrappy little fight resulted in another fish in the net, this one being a small 10lb 6oz mirror but very welcome anyway at this time of year.


Both fish were caught on a Premier Baits custom made white pineapple & N-butyric acid pop-up fished over a small pva bag of Premiers Quad boilies crushed down to a fine powder.

Unfortunateley my mate didnt get a bite :(


keith wright
26-02-2011, 20:49
excellent matey, well done ...

26-02-2011, 20:50
Well in Lee :cool:
May I wish you many more :tu:


26-02-2011, 20:52
well in lee & well done :cool:

hopefully you will set everyone off now on a fish catching spree :tu: namely me :lol:

26-02-2011, 21:11
Nice fish, well done Lee :tu: