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12-03-2011, 18:39
hey folks anybody used the above bait company they say that they dont use eggs or semo in there baits .just looking for a bit off feed back on them. cheers jason

13-03-2011, 18:03
Don't look many are using it....different binders?

dave hendy
28-04-2012, 09:37
hey folks anybody used the above bait company they say that they dont use eggs or semo in there baits .just looking for a bit off feed back on them. cheers jason

i am a field tester for them m8 had 2 pbs this year on there baits they dont use eggs or soya wich gives an edge they looking for testers now go on there site and fill in a form mention my name dave hendy good luck

Paul F
28-04-2012, 19:50
Just out of interest, could you tell me the dissadvantages of using Soya flour and/or eggs?
Why would leaving out these ingredients "give you an edge"?

This is not a sarcastic comment, I have no doubt as to the quality of the bait at all.
I would genuinely like to know your thoughts, as I am really interested in your statement.

Paul F
02-05-2012, 21:24
I was hoping that Dave would get back to us on that one, maybe he will when he gets time.

These are just my findings, and I am quite happy to be proven wrong, as it just strengthens the learning curve.(I have to admit that this is more Tris' department, but I have to try my best to keep up!)

Admittedly carp do not utilise their foods stuffs in the same way that we do, so only some of this info is comletely applicable to carp, as their digestive process is not as refined as ours (hence one of the main reasons why people moved away from out and out HNV baits. The carp could not use all the protein included, and simply shat a lot of it out undigested!)

From a human point of view, both eggs and soya flour, are what nutritionist describe as "complete protein foods" in that they contain a balanced blend of protein, vitamins and essential amino acids needed to promote life. People who are buying exclusive "amino" baits should take note.

Full fat soya flour has a protein content approaching 40%, vitamin b and iron amongst others, and natural oils and fats.
It makes rolling easier as it helps in binding.
It is widely regarded that soya shouldn't be used above about 35% in anything remotely approaching a balanced bait (and that is at the very top end of the scale!!! You don't need anything like that much) but a 50/50 mix CAN literally be 50% soya, depending who makes it!

Eggs have a protein content of around 10%, but the list of vitamins goes on and on; A, B2, B6, B12, D,and E plus a whole host of minerals including calcium and potassium etc. (I can name them all, but just google it lol)
Again, eggs also help in the binding process, and albumen puts a skin on your baits without over hardening them!

Some of the bigger boys don't use eggs, but egg powder, but this is more for the convenience of adding an exact ammout to the mix (as you know, all eggs are individuals lol) which must matter when you are making it by the ton! Also, storing 10,000+ eggs for a weeks rolling must take up a lot of space!

I have always used whole eggs, and probably always will (but who knows lol) and I feel that the benefit of using both eggs and soya flour far out weigh any gain in leaving them out.

All opinions welcome.

02-05-2012, 22:23
Superb post Paul,,

I think id prefer the egg over the powder anyday :cool: