View Full Version : penyllan marchweil near wrexham.

10-04-2011, 20:36
i fished this venue for the first time today.

there are currently 3 pools on site 1 trout pool and 2 course pools. both the course pools are long and narrow very much like a canal. i fished at the end of 1 of the pools as it had a load of lillys just coming up so thought this would be a great place to start on a new venue and i could see carp knocking the lillys ;)

from the first put in on my pole i started to catch tench which i was enjoying as i havent caught many for a long time. it soon become aparent that tench were the dominante species in this pool i lost count how many i caught today. after an hour fishing or so i managed to hook 1 of the better carp which put up a right old tussle trying its best to get into those lillys once it the net it was a common of around 7lb.

pretty much throughout the day i caught tench with the odd carp and crewies thrown in for good measure.

after speaking to the owner he did tell us pretty much all thats in these pools were tench, carp, ghosties and golden tench.

the other pool was the other way around tho with carp being the dominate species in there and my mate who come along and a few of these once again up to around the 6-7lb mark off the surface they were everwhere in there. the owner also tells us the lake record is 19lb currently so there is the odd bigger fish worth having a crack for.

the owner is currently trying to sort out the digging out of 2 new pools which will be for 'silvers' and in the future he plans to dig out a 2acre pike-zander pool so looks like its going in the right direction ;)