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25-05-2011, 13:58
The Starting Out - Learning Zone Forum

At times some members may be held back from posting their questions on these forums through the natural worry of appearing less experienced or looking like they dont know what there doing. Here at craftycarping we think that there is a big need for a forum where people can post, free of any such feeelings of worry, and we would ask anybody in the membership that feels as though they have a supposed "silly question" to ask, but are too shy to ask it, to be bold and to put it up in this section!

If you are a beginner, or a more experienced angler that really doesn't feel you would like to post a question within The Starting out - The Learning Zone under your own username, then please feel free to send your question to any member of the craftycarping team, who will then place it in this section anonymously for the forums members to answer.

Here is a list of the team who you can pm your question to if you dont want to post it yourself.


Keith Wright
the nowed serpent
the bream king

The biggest aim of craftycarping has always been about providing a forum by through which fellow carpers could swap ideas and thoughts, but more important, is the need to provide a suitable place and platform to help all carp anglers, no matter there experience, through every part of there angling, even if that means asking and answering the most basic of questions.

So on that, welcome to The Starting out - The Learning Zone

There are a simple set of guidelines for posting within this section, and they are as follows;

1) All postings are encouraged, but only those that are helpful to the question asked will be allowed to remain, off topic and one liners of this type will be deleted without notice.

2) The site rules will be carried out to the letter where necessary and the moderator’s decisions are final.

3) By posting in this section you agree to these rules.

Thank you in advance for helping make this section a perfect place for all those wanting to learn.