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  1. It's been far too long! Round up of the first third of 2014

    With it being nearly 5 months since I updated my blog I thought I'd take some time to fill you all in with what i've been getting up to in my 'angling life' since before Christmas. As usual, planned fishing trips never happened and the majority of my fishing since christmas has been short sessions on my local park lake chasing some urban carp. I managed a few along the way including 2 mirrors, one of 15lb 2oz and another of 14lb 10oz.

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  2. Basford Green 13th April 2014

    Well, when i left Manchester i wasn't expecting the weather conditions that i was faced with up in Staffordshire that's for certain.

    I left behind a calm warm city at 6am to arrive 44 miles away to a cold blustery northerly wind, making this little pool resemble Blackpool beach on a windy day, conditions were horrible to say the least, its not often i am found to be wearing my big trakker coat along with hoody underneath, but that was the reality of the situation unfortunately. ...
  3. Ringing Changes

    My first session back at Tarn after a long winter proved to be one of my most memorable. My preferred peg, 18, turned out to be vacant despite the water being the busiest I'd seen, due to the impending weather forecast and the date in question being the last weekend before the closed season. Studying the water in front of me, I eventually decided on a smooth area forty yards out, casting out two cell dumbells tipped with pink corn, and hoped for the best.

    I awoke on Sunday morning ...
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  4. Not quite to Plan

    Following on from my last blog, I had thought to fish 2 nights on North House lake since it had appeared that fish were moving onto bait after over 36 hours so it seemed a worthwhile thing to check out despite not normally fishing more than 1 night. Following a shopping trip with the wife into St Neots, I was able to manage a short trip round the lake on Sunday and discovered that although there had been 8 people on the lake on Friday night (1 fish caught) there had only been 3 guys on Saturday ...
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  5. Acorn Fishery

    This is my first ever video blog on my local fishery where I fished 2 weeks ago, I returned today as the weather forecast was going to be good with temps up to 16 - 18c but it turned poor on the day, ended up with a blank but glad I did this blog so it can help others who want to fish here.
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