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  1. Basford Green 13th April 2014

    Well, when i left Manchester i wasn't expecting the weather conditions that i was faced with up in Staffordshire that's for certain.

    I left behind a calm warm city at 6am to arrive 44 miles away to a cold blustery northerly wind, making this little pool resemble Blackpool beach on a windy day, conditions were horrible to say the least, its not often i am found to be wearing my big trakker coat along with hoody underneath, but that was the reality of the situation unfortunately. ...
  2. Basford Green January 19th 2014

    So pulled into, the fishery, then my heart sunk, someone was in the spot i wanted to fish, they must of literally arrived 5 minutes before me, as they were only just putting bank sticks in the ground, Damn! The reason i wanted this particular swim is because these are a series of 4 pools that feed each other, and the water runs into the very top 2 pools of the hills that surround the valley, pushing freezing cold water right through each pool. My thinking was to get on the bottom pool in the corner ...
  3. Angling For The Unknown

    Finally the start of February will see my carp fishing year start, joining a local water called Blackleach Reservoir, which is located in Blackleach Country Park.

    Someone i have been speaking to, who isn't a city person, cannot believe that a water like this would be just a short 20 minute drive outside the centre of Manchester, the place is great looking, even if neglected by anglers, and this is where the unknown part comes into this blog post.

    A couple of wintery ...
  4. Nash Manchester Specials 2

    Feel a bit privileged to be able to test this bait for Paul.

    His first bait the Manchester Specials were certainly a big hit on many waters, not just in the northwest, catching a lot of the big wanted fish from around the country, Mr Angry, The Box Common 2 name a couple, plus 3 70lb+ fish in France.

    The new bait, as with the first bait, is based around an old skool mix tweaked to Pauls specifications.

    A Citrus/Curry bait with a really creamy undertone, ...
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  5. What can i say

    Turned up at Basford to meet the blingster(Keith) who had arrived a few minutes before i did, 06.20am to be precise, stepped out of the car, the hoody wasn't needed, it was mild with no wind.

    Still very dark, we stood there and chatted for a few minutes and to listen for fish movement, we heard them alright, a few causing ripples on the still pond. We waited for the light to break (06.45 ish) and we began to setup.

    The rigs were out on really favourable spots, my first ...
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