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24hrs at Basford Green

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What soon became apparent when i arrived for my 24hr session with Toby(crazedcarper) was that the conditions suggested a bite or 2 could be in the offing.

I had set up and got the spots baited using the throwing stick, something I'm becoming quite adept at using as i have always used a catapult, got the rigs out on the spots and set the rest of my gear up, was laying down on my bed under the supa brolly when from nowhere, ellooooooooooo my loooooooooove, yep the tobester had arrived.

After exchanging a handshake and having a good cuddle Toby set about setting up his gear.

The spots he chose to fish couldn't of screamed carp more than they were, the far margin reed bed, a given spot 99% of the time, an area towards the middle where we had seen carp passing over and a spot just in front of a tree on the other far margin, a place i had caught a lot of fish from on there including my biggest to date a 19lb mirror.

So everything setup prepped and ready for action, "How long have i been here?" Toby through the question out "And ive still not had a brew" soon followed, that was a hint for a cup of tea & a little munch on some of the goodies i brought along with me, Jam Doughnuts to start.

Sat there chewing the fat & talking about recent problems we had both had, mine being mainly my driving licence revocation makes my blood boil just thinking about the DVLA at the moment, and Toby's, well that's up to him to tell you about.

As the day wore on the conditions couldn't of been more ripe for it and i was convinced that as soon as the temps started to drop along with the light we would be in to some action. Around 6pmish we got a very unexpected visit but a welcome one all the same, from site moderator Keith. We chatted away for a couple of hours, mainly trying to convince Keith to go and grab his gear and join us for the rest of the session, alas husbandly duties called and he had to swerve it, a shame really, as i personally haven't had my annual session with Keith this year and is something i always look forward to.

With Keith departed and the light & temps starting to drop slightly there was plenty of movement over the spots we were both fishing, so bloody frustrating when carp a crashing over your rigs, the anticipation was high, bleep bleep, i sat on my hands, waiting for a screamer that never came, sploooooosh, carp crashed over Toby's banker spot, again anticipation was set, but nothing.

We sat there chatting, drinking tea, till around 11.30pm. and it was surprisingly still light enough to see everything clearly, Toby took some great shots of the nighttime skyline, which i will add to this post when he has sent them over to me.

Both settled in our respective abodes for the night with a few hours kip before dark became light, bang i was up at 04.10am, unheard of in the cap fishing world, i love my sleep and let nothing get in the way of it, ask any of the lads who know me well, but i seem to of found my carp fishing head once again after 6 or 7 months of turmoil.

And true to form i caught the one fish i have become renowned for catching " A bloody bream " not again, i just cant seem to catch anything else at the moment, but once again, although an annoyance, it shows rig works, the bait is right & and it was in a good spot.

Some pics courtesy of Toby which he found quite amusing...!

Bream unhooked in the water & safely back to where it came, rig re-baited and back out on the spot.

Surprisingly there was a lack of action which we found very strange indeed so it was decided back to sleep for a few hours.

Upon waking we decided to call it a day as if it wasn't going to happen early doors it wasn't going to happen at all.

So after some really nice photography again courtesy of Toby we packed up, said our goodbyes, and headed off home.


Till the next time .... ....

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  1. SamJames's Avatar
    Nice write up john!
  2. keith wright's Avatar
    The set up was blinging...bling...was good to catch up mate...and the blogging spot on as usual..we will get out for a session sometime...
  3. CrazedCarper's Avatar
    Bloody miffed,,, should of had a bite,, that shit continued with me through the next 2 sessions,, great write up and untill the next time my loooooooooooove!!
  4. keith wright's Avatar
    good to see ya both @John ..... @CrazedCarper
  5. keith wright's Avatar
    Think its about time we had a blog update from ya blingster.....better get ya fishing head on and nail a few
  6. John's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by keith wright
    Think its about time we had a blog update from ya blingster.....better get ya fishing head on and nail a few

    Aye it has been a little while, fishing head not really been seen for a while though