its only in recent times we have had such a huge influx of great carp gear
1.the shimano bait runner (probab ly the most inportant piece of gear ever invented for the carper)
2 boilie mmm prob not the best bait ever invented..
3 the hair offcourse without the boilie the "hair" would not have arrived.
4 dedicated carp rods in test curve sizes and weights.
5 ledgering before then was just something you did when the weather was so bad for float fishing. been huge strides made in recent years "now" everyone does it.
6 private fisheries did not exist in the good old days and we had to contend with the close season
7 great dvds and video s of how to do it
8 TV programs about carp and cat fishing are almost regually shown.
The big question is what would have happened to fishing if carp fishing had not been introduced ? in my view fishing would be as dead as the dodo ! there be just very old men with there poles looking half dead. and no commercial fisheries in existence. I think the major fact that there huindreds of commercial fisheries have saved carp fishing and fishing in general.
In a nutshell "they was not the good old days" far from it the bad old days would be better . when i was a boy etc etc Yes yu was a lot younger than but how bad was it really like to have gone through a world war and a life without commercial fisheries "hell"