Hi all,

I have just joined the forum and I have a lake in the Haute Vienne region of France called Etang de Planchon.

Craftycarper has kindly let me post my catch reports, so here they are starting from last week.. (Week 18)

Catch Report

Week 18 saw the arrival of a group of 4 lads Clinton, Chris, Lee & Jack) from Stockton-on-Tees, and 1 guy (Mark Short) from Dover.

Mark Short is fishing days only for 2 weeks so I will report on how he did next week.

The weather up till Sunday, had been fair, sunny spells and a few showers, however when Clinton’s group arrived the weather turned to showers, showers & more showers. The sun did pop its head out now and then but for the most part of the week it rained, quite heavily most days and most nights.

This is what the group had to endure:

This did not deter the lads from the fishing, although they had packed for a sunnier week, they were supplied with extra towels and also a few jumpers were lent out.

I did have to take Chris to Decathlon (a sports shop) for a few bits as he had no waterproof clothing at all and in the weather that they had last week, it didn’t take him long to run out of dry clothes.

Now I don’t know if it was the weather making them boisterous or the fish just getting their revenge for having been caught, but even after the guys played the fish for a while to tire them out, most of them were very lively on the bank.
Chris got soaked more than once and Lee got slapped in the face, not by a local girl, but by the fish’s tails. They were very camera shy this week and did not want to play ball.

Jack spent a bit of his time at the house, playing with the dogs. One of the times he had asked Lee & Clinton to watch his rods. % minutes after being at the house his rods went screaming and it looked like Lee was ignoring the run. After Jack got to his swim in record time, he noticed Clinton tucked behind a bush pulling at his line. Let’s just say I have never seen a 16 year old run so fast.

How they fished:

Clinton fished hair rigged boilies over a small bed of boilies & Pellet. Most of his catches were on cell dumbells or Trigga and pink pepper pop-ups. Clinton also missed 3 runs and had 4 fish shake the hook near the net.
He landed 16 Fish over the week totalling 384 lb 4 oz, his biggest for the week was 30 lb 2 oz.
These were Clint’s catches: 2 x 18lb, 20.6lb, 21.4lb, 21.8lb, 22lb, 23lb, 23.6lb, 23.10lb, 24lb, 25.8lb, 27lb, 28.4lb, 28.6lb, 29.14lb & 30.2lb.

Lee fished hair rigged boilies and, anti-tangle tubing with a size 4 wide gape hook. All his fish were caught on Trigga & pop up corn, KG1 dumbell and pop up corn or strawberry boilie and pop up corn.
Lee missed 2 fish and had 1 hook pull.
He landed 9 fish over the week totalling 217 lb 10oz, his biggest for the week was 29 lb 15 oz
These were Lee’s catches: 18.1lb, 19.7lb, 23.1lb, 23.3lb, 23.6lb, 25.2lb, 26.6lb, 29.1lb & 29.15lb.

Chris fished 6/8 freebie boilies every 2 hours, Pva bags of Pellet with every cast, going in the rowing boat to bait up more accurately with Pellet. All of his fish were caught on 20mm/15mm Trigga and pink pepper pop ups, Trigga bottom bait, 15mm cell and pink pepper pop up or bloodworm boilie and pink pepper pop ups. Chris had 1 miss, he struck a run but nothing was there.
He landed 8 fish over the week totalling 193 lb 9 oz, his biggest was 29 lb 8 oz.
These were Chris’ catches: 18.2lb, 19.8lb, 22.3lb, 24.8lb, 25lb, 26.14lb, 27.14lb & 29.8lb.

Jack fished Anti tangle tubing safety rig, size 4 Korda hooks, pva bags with boilies & pellet, 2.5oz leads. Jack says the 6 fish he missed were down to him being a heavy sleeper and not getting out of his bivvy in time.
He landed 7 fish over the week totalling 170 lb 6 oz, his biggest was his first fish at 28 lb 4 oz.
These were his catches: 2 x 21.6lb, 24.1lb, 24.3lb, 25lb, 26.8lb & 28.4lb.

Check out the full catch report here: www.carp-fishinginfrance.com/catch.htm

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Here are a few pics: