One of the club waters i fish that holds some decent carp is pretty much fished hard for the carp on a daily basis but it does not allow night fishing

from my observations & notes i have made in a notepad any fish, myself or anyone else have caught seem to be caught very early ie: 6am-11am or near closing time which is 8pm

i have walked around the lake after closing right up to 11pm & most of the time its absolutely alive with fish feeding, carp rolling/shouldering/bubbling/crashing

its litterally fizzing with activity, yet in through the daytime, the only activity is when its really warm & the fish are basking in the surface layers

these fish in this pool are wise old buggers & i believe to get a decent fish in the daylight hours is close to impossible for a newbie like myself, i dont really know what tactics to take onwa water like this??????

i need some helpful advice from some of you more experianced carpin fellows

i'm not phased by tying any sort of rig, i'm confidant in my knots i use, my bait confidance is increasing with every session & in all honesty from my lake watching the carp will take any bait if its in the right place!!!!

but as i say trying to get a bite/runs in the daytime seems pretty much fruitles for most of the guys fishing! so much so that even the chaps that fish for all the other coarse speices struggle as the normal coarse species have wised up too

what approach do you think i should take guys?